Synology 1512+ offsite backup to Amazon S3 extremely slow

May 31, 2013
We have a 20/50 connection and speed tests throughout the entire USA get consistent at least 30Mbps upload. FTPing to servers in California we see the 30Mbps upload get maxed out.

We have a Synology 1512+ that's being used as a VMWare ESXi datastore and also a file server along with backup being done locally to the Synology. During off peak hours when no one is using the Synology we have it backing up to Amazon S3 but we are seeing extremely slow speeds at around 500-700KBps and sometimes 1MB/s. I have never seen it use the max 30Mbps ever. I have another office that has a lower model Synology and we compared speeds while doing a backup to Amazon S3. This other office has a 20/20 connection and it utilizes the full 20Mbps upload while uploading to Amazon S3.

Curious to find out if anyone has seen something similar to this and if so what was the solution? I've swapped out the router for a basic DD-WRT router and it still did the same thing. There is a SonicWALL TZ100 currently with NO security options enabled or subscribed to.

There is a managed Brocade switch that I haven't had a chance to log into and look around yet but I plan to do that some time today. That's my only other hunch.

It's as though the Synology is being throttled by something.


Limp Gawd
Sep 23, 2012
Could be something else in between as well dragging it down. If you upload from a workstation on the network to Amazon S3 whats the result? Whats the load on the Syno? You say no one is using it but is there a cron job or something running? QoS enabled somewhere along the line? My syno's through put tends to drop if i'm hammering the box. (only a 412+)

With 30Mbps i would expect anywhere between 2-2.5MBps with spikes up and down