Syncing "updated" songs in iTunes?


Limp Gawd
Sep 8, 2001
I am trying to correct some bass distortion with a program called MP3Gain and I think this software resaves my Mp3s once the gain correction has completed. I am trying to figure out if when I sync my iPod with iTunes that the newly corrected files will be loaded onto it? Or only newly added files in the Library will sync? Does this mean I have to reload all my newly corrected files into my Library?
You're probably going to have to re-sync your music since itunes has no idea that the songs are different.
iTunes tends to be pretty aggressive about maintaining no disparity between its internal library and synced devices. To answer your question though, yes, I'd probably advise replacing the corrected tracks just so you're sure iTunes doesn't glitch it all up. All you'll need to do is go to Add Folder to Library and select the root folder of your library. If that's iTunes Music (or whatever), just select the iTunes Music folder. It'll go through and reload the tracks, build an index from the track tags and rebuild the library, assuming it doesn't fuck it up somewhere along the way.

This is all assuming you're letting iTunes organize your library, and that you have a central library under a single root folder. If you have files all over the place, then obviously you need to take a different approach.

Honestly, though, just hit Sync and see what it does. You may not need to bother with any of the above.