Swan M10 alternatives?

Jan 18, 2007
Hey all,

I've done some looking around for the Swan M10's - I've heard and used the set before and know that's exactly what I want, even had someone buy a set. However, it appears they're relatively impossible to find now?

So my question - do we have any comparable alternatives to this set these days? I'm not particularly picky about it except that I know I loved the Swans for their sound/price.

Anything suggestions would help.

Why don't you email audioinsider maybe they will be able to tell you when they will be back in stock.
I've already shot them off an email, looking around though it seems they've been out of stock for a long time - and others say they've said they have no idea when they're getting them back in... which is unfortunate.

Will definitely look into that setup, Zenshi. Thanks.
There are manufacturer issues in China holding up all Swans inventory. I'm still waiting to re-buy a pair of M200's. Last I heard from TAI, he couldn't offer any ETA whatsoever on when the situation would be resolved.
Logitech Z623 are pretty similar to the m10 in terms of sound and price.
The only other set I might consider in that price range is the Dayton setup you often see here



On the other hand if you know you want the M10 then maybe as dragonhawke states, you can contact Audioinsider regarding their expected stocking date.

Apparently Dayton switched manufacturers on those speakers and they're pretty terrible now compared to before.