Suspected Drone Activity Disrupts Dubai Airport


Mar 3, 2018
The New York Times reports that "suspected drone activity" shut down Dubai International Airport, one of the busiest airports in the world, between 10:13 a.m. and 10:45 a.m. Reuters mentioned that there are "severe penalties in the United Arab Emirates for unauthorized drone activity," while the Times claims that their regulations aren't really open to interpretation either. Alleged drone sightings previously shut down Gatwick Airport and Newark Airport. Media reports suggest that incoming flights were still allowed to land at Dubai during the disruption, and while Gatwick in particular was shut down for a longer period, Dubai serves even more passengers than Gatwick does. Drone manufacturers and regulatory bodies are supposedly working on measures that could curb these disruptions, like identification systems or drone classification standards, but those will take some time to roll out.

Government regulations in Dubai are fairly unambiguous about flying drones in areas where there might be significant air traffic: It is forbidden “near, around and over airports,â€‌ and users must obtain a certificate from the General Civil Aviation Authority in the United Arab Emirates... "Dubai Airports has worked closely with the appropriate authorities to ensure that the safety of airport operations is maintained at all times and to minimize any inconvenience to our customers," the airport said.
unrelated but got an email from the FAA this afternoon, stating. "Drone ID marking rule" We now have to display our FAA number on the outside. Does not state size or placement of the text other then readable on the outside of the aircraft. We use to have to place in inside the drone accessible without tools ie battery compartment.
Let's just put a bounty on drones. I wouldn't mind a few bucks for shooting down some asshat toys. ;)
Identification requirements at this point are useless there are already unidentifiable ones out there if someone wants to do damage, and I'm sure there will be easy to obtain "mod kits" to disable any identification, or Amazon sellers selling "old school" drones
Wish the Drone crew was more like the RC Airplane crew.

The RC dudes have been flying big things for years. No problem.

I wonder what the reaction is their community?

Anyone here have a solid foot in the RC plane world?
well i am not surprised one bit, just proof that me thinking the people of the world are getting more stupid with advances in technology.
Hell people here cant even turn on the light of their car, so they drive around in pitch dark with their daylight running lights that are like 10 % of the light needed to safely drive at night.

I just saw some other tech site asking " what are your favorite mobile browser" and in like ????? dude i don't browse for stuff on my phone, im not a fracking retard.
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