Supreme Commander Crashing on large maps - FIX


Oct 2, 2003
Just in case anyone else is having this problem, I figured I'd share a solution I found.

First thing I did with Supreme Commander was start a skirmish with 7 AIs on one the massively large 80km maps. About 20 minutes into the game it crashed. I tried a few more times with resource monitor open and found that once the Commit (KB) got to about 1.5GB for SupremeCommander.exe the game would crash.

Then I found this thread on the Gas Powered Games Forums:

Look at the 7th post by MadBoris. He describes the problem as SupCom not supporting addressable memory beyond 2GB. He provides a link to a zip file that contains some exe's and a batch file (all very well documented too) that you can use to modify your SupremeCommander.exe file so that it will support more than 2GB of addressable memory. For WinXP you also need to edit your boot.ini to include the /3GB switch, but that wasn't neccessary for Vista x64.

I tried his fix and was finally able to play through a full game on an 80km map. I played against 7 AI opponents and set the unit cap to 1000. Memory usage for SupremeCommander.exe peaked at about 2.8GB, which did cause an occasional pause due to pagefile swaping (I only have 2GB of physical memory) but that was a small price to pay for no more crashing.

Supreme Commander is probably the first game that could really benefit from a 64-bit compiled version, hopefully Gas Powered Games will consider making one. In the mean time, I think I found an excuse to upgrade to 4GB of RAM ;)