SuperMicro H8DGI-F - best memory configuration?

Sep 10, 2019
Following up on the very same topic as this thread, many thanks to Skimani for all the helpful information provided!)

I'm now trying to work out if adding 4x Samsung M393B2G70BH0-CK0 16GB on this Supermicro H8DGi board, my memory will go to 1600MHz.
Also I skimmed through the motherboard manual and I don't quite get the 128/64-bit reference on page 2-8
Finally I'm confused on the manual statement that says:

"Install to slots CPU1/DIMM1A, CPU1/DIMM2A, CPU1/DIMM3A and CPU1/DIMM4A, etc. Always install in groups of four and in the numerical order of the DIMM slots. See support information below. "

This table suggests that my memory modules shoud be ok:

However, does this motherboard really need 4x modules per CPU (so 8 modules since it's a dual CPU) to work efficiently? How about 2x 16GB per CPU? The image is not clear in regards...

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