Super People


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Apr 11, 2007
Anyone else playing this? It's free on Steam right now for the closed beta. Just apply for instant access.

Breakdown: It's like PUBG, but with crafting and abilities. The shooting mechanics are 100% PUBG, so if you need to warm up just use PUBG's training mode. The crafting is for weapons, armor and backpack to level them up. The special abilities are class specific, with each class having an ultimate. Like the driver class can spawn a car, the sniper class gets extra damage when ADS'd for an extended period of time, SWAT class gets a blackout cloud. Nothing is really OP as far as abilities and ultimate's go. You also don't pick your class at the beginning of each match, it's random. You can, but it costs you in game money.

The game is stupid fun. A fresh take on a BR that keeps you busy the entire match. There's a lot to learn, so it's not something you jump right in to.


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Feb 3, 2008
I’m not giving my phone number to some random company to play a game. There are other ways of combatting cheating. The discussion boards are full of people on steam saying the same thing. Looks interesting, not giving up a phone number to try it.
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