Suggestions for a 32" monitor?


Feb 19, 2004
I am looking to add a second 32" monitor to my setup. At the moment, I am running an AOC U3277PWQU and an old 1280x1024 Dell monitor (1908FP). The drastic difference in screen size is a bit annoying, so I'd like a second 32" 16:9 display to replace the old Dell. And while the AOC is a reasonably good monitor in my estimation, it has more than tripled in price since the pandemic began. I refuse to pay nearly $1k for a monitor that I paid $300 for a couple years ago.

I'm pushing the 32" AOC monitor with an EVGA RTX2060KO, so I'm not sure I can even handle a second 4k display, in particular a high refresh rate display (nor can I even afford one). So I'm considering both 4k60 and 1440p high refresh rate displays. I've come to find 32" displays a bit large for flat-panel, such that seeing the far edge of the screen requires me to move. So I would ideally like a curved display. The 2060KO has 1xDP1.4, 1xHDMI2.0, and 1xDVI, so one 32" monitor will need to be on HDMI and the other on DP.

During the pandemic, my primary use case is working in CAD via remote desktop. So my GPU isn't really handling a heavy load, as my work machine's GPU does all that heavy lifting. That said, my GPU handles Plex transcoding from my media server. And my wife works from home every day and watches movies all day. So the GPU is often tasked with 1 transcode while I'm working from home myself. Secondary use cases are light video editing (1080p and 4k). I have not been working with HDR video, because I do not have an HDR monitor. I would like to get an HDR monitor, but my understanding is that Window's implementation of HDR is so poor that it's not even worth it. I do not game whatsoever, so ultra low response times and sync technologies are not important to me.

The old Dell display is currently running off the iGPU. I may or may not keep this monitor, depending on available desk space.

Can you suggest a good reliable monitor with the following features:
- 32" 16:9 (a must!)
- 4k or 1440p min
- wide color gamut for video editing
- VESA mountable (a must!)
- curved (preferred)
- HDR (a plus!)

I'm looking to keep this under $1k, but I'd be willing to spend a little more for a really nice monitor.


Aug 26, 2005
Isn't the Samsung G7 the choice for this?

A lot of its $700 price is probably the 240hz aspect which the OP doesn't care about. Curved monitors aren't my thing, so I don't have any specific recommendations; but even though the OPs willing to pay that much a more affordable lower refresh rate 1440p or 4k model would probably be better fits. (Assuming they exist anyway.)