Suggestions for 3DP Fan Bracket for Cryorig C7


Dec 14, 2016
I'm thinking of designing out a fan bracket for the C7, they're taking a bit long with releasing one of their own. I'd be open to suggestions, as to fan mounting options, what size fan, etc. if anyone wants to chime in early in the design. I'll stick it up on Thingiverse, Shapeways or something when it's done.

I have a Node 202 build right now and I'm thinking of making a clip that would accept a standard 120mm or 140mm fan. This is because it'd be easier to mount (really I'd just need to design a board with 4 holes in it that would clip onto the C7), and in my mind it would allow more cooling to the board itself. If I have some free time I might run some CFD analysis on this to check. I'm not sure how much of an impact this would have with tall RAM though.

A 92mm fan would be possible, but mounting would be a bit weird. I'd need to either float the fan off the cooler a bit to allow mounting holes, or build in some sort of clip system (which I dislike given how proprietary clip sizing is). Alternatively I could just build a housing for the fan, but that would be limited to a single thickness of the fan.

Kind of don't want to spawn a million different variations on this, since I am doing this for fun, but am open to suggestions if anyone else wants a similar mount. I'm a university student right now, will be modeling with Creo Parametric and maybe some CFD simulation with Star-CCM+. Perks of being an engineering student is being able to work with really expensive software :p
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