sudden crashes, restarting after few times, bad bios checksum, arc boot conf problem


Limp Gawd
Aug 5, 2003
I'm begging for help. I tried everything and for the first time in my life with computers I have no idea what the problem is with my pc.
I didn't have any problems till few days ago, when my pc restarted bu itself and got me this error before loading windows "Boot block compatible version Ver.018 Bad bios checksum, starting bios recovery, checking for floppy"

When I hit restart it booted windows ok.
After some time I got another restart and got this message "Windows could not start because of the following ARC firmware boot configuration problem, did not properly generate ARC name for HAL and system paths"

Again after hitting restart button, after second restart it booted.
I decide that it's time to check ram and harddrives.
I run tests and harddrives are perfect.
I ran memtest for the whole night and it's perfect.

I run defragmentation , check with nod for viruses. All is perfect.
I went to windows recovery console to fix MBR also.

still same problem!

I reinstalled system 6 times... with formatting drive totally. I got system on one drive without any partitions.

Still same problem.

I downgraded bios. still same problem.

Reinstalled and downgraded video drivers, still same problem.

I didn't OC. Temps on my pc are around 30C.

I changed sata cable in harddrive. Still same problem.

The only thing I didn't check is installing fresh copy of windows without then downloading any updates...meybe SP2 or soem new update is doing it.

Here are my specs

Windows xp x64 Pro SP2

P5E WS mobo
8GB Crucial RAM
system HD 74 Raptor

320 Seagate
320 WD
500 WD

Geforce 8800 GTX

Linksys wifi usb card WUSB600N.

That is it. BTW. This configuration run for many hours for the past time without any problems. I'm doing 3d and rendering. It just happened few days ago. I'm really starting to think it;s one of windows updates.


Extremely [H]
Nov 5, 2005
My guess is that your motherboard is failing. Random reboots are a good tale of this especially in light of everything else you've done.