subtitle ripping


Sep 13, 2004
its been oh god at least 4 years since i did any serious video converting or editing (used to take a dvd and make it 90% dvd quality onto 2 disks with ac3 audio using flaskmpeg.).

but i want to yank the subs out of a svcd i picked up at the pawn shop and then reburn it without subs.
(annoying THAI subs that are just really annoying. its dubbed in engrish.)

vobsub wont open the svcd mpeg file for some reason.

is there a simple easy to use subtitle injector remover out there that will remove the sub's without having to go thru the whole long process of re-encoding the entire video ?
its been like i said several years since i did any encoding/ ripping and i dont want to have to sit for the rest of the night trying to refresh my brain on all the ins and outs of video conversions.