Stuttering in benchmark at 3200+


Limp Gawd
Jun 17, 2003
A 3d benchmark I use was fairly smooth with my Barton 2500+ clocked at 1930mhz, but when I have it running at 3200+ speeds (2200mhz) the benchmark will stutter, looking awful.

My question is... what does that mean?

CPU temperature is at 51 maybe 52 at load and around 43 idle. Degrees C of course.

I Had to raise the vcore about 3 settings to get the 3200+ speeds to maintain stability in 3d stuff. I was actually able to run windows, some 3d and surf the web great without raising the vcore much at 3200+ speeds, but when not everything was stable I didnt considerate it... well stable. :D

I don't know really what all this means, but I would like to know a bit. Thanks.
try prime95, also you could try to find out where the stuttering starts between stock and 3200 speeds.

I'd be willing to bet that it will probably fail prime95...
Prime95 torture test definitely crashed after a half hour or so.

What is the next step towards stability. I was thinking cooling also. I was thinking about going with a swiftech watercooling kit.

Think it's the cooling?
I'd suggest position a 80mm/ 120mm fan over the hsf on the side of your case, or make a duct. either of these should help lower temps a few degrees
yeah probably, before i got my 900u, i was running 3200+ at the temps you stated above, and 3d mark was all gittery

i got my 900u, it lowered the temps to 42c load and it ran fine, and it didnt gitter, so i better cooling goes along way
I already have a fan located on the side of the case near the cpu/vid card.

I was running the gigabyte monitoring tool thing there (easytune) while I was benchmarking to see temps, etc. AND THAT WAS WHAT WAS CAUSING THE STUTTERING. Turn that program off AND PRESTO! nice and smooth.

I still think I might get a water cooling setup anyway to go to the extreme, I actually have it clocked at 205 mhz bus now and got prime to run stable for 3 hours. (I think the reason for the stability change is that IT IS FOCKEN COLD AS HELL IN MAINE RIGHT NOW!! hehhe

Thanks for the help guys and/or girls.
THe only advantage with water is you get extreme air cooling and a silent price. I have yet to see a internal H20 setup that absolutly is 10-20 cooler than extreme air cooled rigs, like sp-94 and 92mm tornado combo