Stren's Water Cooling Sale - the mother lode

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    Stren's Water Cooling Sale - the mother lode

    PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING. Assume USPS flat rate shipping i.e. 7$ for small items, $11 for medium sized and $18 for large. Large items like radiators will be more expensive to ship, so probably only worth your while if you are buying multiple items. Condition ranges from brand new to used with possible dye staining. If in doubt ask, but zoom into photos first before asking. Local pick up from north san diego is an option.


    First off - not water cooling item:

    Asus X99 Deluxe II. I opened the box took some photos of the board, never powered on, never actually used. All accessories unopened. Link:
    Current price - $350 after rebate at the egg, my price - $250


    Pump Tops Only

    Watercool DDC-LT -
    PPCS price $30, like new in box, my price $20

    EK DDC X-Top CSQ Black Acetal top -
    LNIB, my price - $20

    EK DDC Heatsink Housing (not a top, but a bottom!)-
    PPCS price $24, LNIB, my price $18

    XSPC Dual DDC top -
    LNIB, My price - $30

    Bitspower Premium Magic Cube Type DDC Acrylic -
    PPCS price - $30, LNIB, my price - $20

    XSPC DDC Acetal -
    LNIB, my price - $20

    3 x EK CSQ D5 White Acetal Pump Top -
    No box, as is, no pump included, has been used with red dye, some staining on port threads - $45 each

    XPSC D5 Acetal Top -
    Used, no box, my price - $18

    Combo Reservoir/Pump Tops Only
    Alphacool Repack - Dual D5 Dual 5.25 Bay Reservoir (NO PUMPS INCLUDED)
    AT price - $53, my price $35

    Monsoon Series 2 Dual 5.25" reservoir - I have two of these. The DDC version in red which is mint, and the D5 version in blue which is I believe I punctured by accidentally screwing the wrong screw into the main body. However with both you can create any combo you like of ddc or d5 and blue or red pieces.
    PPCS price - $100 for blue D5 -
    $95 for red ddc -
    My price - $75 for either or both. Will not split for a discount. No pumps included.

    XSPC Dual Bay Reservoir with single D5 mount -
    This is the early version that got recalled because of a possible chance of a leak. This has never leaked for me.
    PPCS price - $55, my price - $25

    XSPC Dual Bay Reservoir with dual D5 mounts -
    Unlike the single pump version this one did not ger recalled. My price - $55

    EK D5/Cylinder Reservoir combo -
    No pump included. I have various cylinder tube lengths that should fit this - the 400mm 250mm and the 110mm versions. No box, as is, pump top is pretty clean but the cylinders will need some cleaning - my price $45

    XSPC Dual Bay Reservoir with Dual DDC Mounts -
    PPCS price - $50 - my price - $40

    Reservoir/Pump combos

    EK-Bay DCP 2.2 Combo -
    LNIB, My Price - $50

    Alphacool Repack - Dual DC-LT Single 5.25" Bay Reservoir -
    PPCS price - $44

    2x DC-LT -
    PPCS - $22 each
    LNIB, my price - $55 for all three items

    XSPC 750 Dual Bay Reservoir/Pump -
    Like new, no box or accesories - My price - $45


    Watercool Eheim 12V -
    PPCS price $90, LNIB, my price $65

    EK DCP 4.0 -
    No idea what retail was, LNIB, my price $45

    Koolance PMP-500 24V -
    I believe I also have a koolance 24V adapter for this just need to find where I put it.
    PPCS price $77 without adapter - my price $75 with 24V adapter

    DDC - this is one of the old low power ones not sure the exact model, but it's quiet. No speed control or rpm signal unless you go in and resolder a wire, only 12v and ground wires. Comes with XSPC acrylic top. Mounting is a little tricky from what I remember so I ended hanging it by a male to male coupler from a cylinder res. $30

    2x Koolance PMP-450s - these are D5 strong pumps which means you can run them up to 24V and the RPM keeps climbing. They are powerful but get noisy if you do run them there. If you run them at 12V then they are similar to a D5 vario set to around 4.
    PPCS price - $77 each - my price $60 each

    2x DDC-1T 3.2 (18w) pumps-
    No tops come with these, just raw pumps, luckily I have a wide variety of tops for sale ;)
    PPCS price - $74, my price $60 each

    D5 Varios - Lightly used, I have 6 I think, and I want to keep 3, so that leaves three for sale. Sleeved in mdpc-x in grey or black. I have a couple of laing tops laying around if you need, but I'd suggest buying a real top instead.
    PPCS Price - $80, my price $60

    D5 PWM - 2 of these barely used, maybe a few hours, maybe even new, not sleeved. I have a couple of laing tops laying around if you need, but I'd suggest buying a real top instead -
    PPCS price $82, my price - $65


    Various EK X3 Reservoirs with white or black acetal tops/bottoms. Tubes need some cleaning. 400, 250 and 110 size tube options. Also one older style black ek x2 400mm reservoir with spare top/bottom.
    White top, bottom and tube - $50
    Black top, bottom and tube - $40



    Watercool Mora3 420 LT -
    This is a massive 3x3x140 Radiator. It is fitted with 9 140mm to 120mm adapters and 9x Gentle Typhoon AP-15 fans that have been joined in banks of three with mdpc-x grey sleeve. Shipping will be pricey.
    PPCS price - $230 + 9*$20 + 9*$5 = $455, my price - $300

    4x Alphacool UT60 360 Radiators - 2x Black, 2x White. Used, but I want to keep two of these, it doesn't matter the color, so you get to choose. They can come with or without sleeved gentle typhoon fans (add $45 for a set of 3 fans).
    PPCS price - $110, my price $80

    2x EK PE 360 Radiators - Used, They can come with or without sleeved gentle typhoon fans (add $45 for a set of 3 fans).
    PPCS Price - $80, my price $55

    Alphacool ST30 360 Radiator -
    Used, PPCS Price - $79, my price $55, (add $45 for a set of 3 gentle typhoon fans)
    Alphacool XT45 560 Radiator with 4x Gentle Typhoons on 120->140mm adapters.
    PPCS Price $131 + 4x$20 + 4x$5 = $231. My price - $150

    XSPC EX 560 with 6 yate loon fans of questionable performance.
    PPCS price - $90 + fans, my price - $70 with fans.

    Monsoon tube bending kit -
    Modified to cut the u bend in half to make it easier to do more variety of bends more easily.
    PPCS price - $100, my price - $75

    CPU Waterblocks

    These are all intel waterblocks - I definitely have X79/X99/X299 type mounts, some will have mounts for other sockets too. If you see a box then that chance is higher. If it's deal breaker, pm me and i can see. Mostly these have been used for less than a week.


    Swiftech Apogee HD in white/black -

    Swiftech Apogee XL with customized back lit ROG logo instead of Swiftech - EOL

    Alphacool Nexxxos - I have three -
    Black Acetal/Copper - $40
    Black Acetal/Chrome plated copper - $40
    Full metal - $45

    MIPS IceForce HF - beautiful high flow blocks. Shame that MIPS went under hence no link providable. Definitely no mount for socket 115x.
    This one is a collector's item so let's say $80

    Watercool Heatkiller III - Full Copper - $60

    Watercool Heatkiller IV Basic - Black Acetal - $40

    Danger Den M6 - customizable bow with the many provided inserts

    EK - various supremacy versions -
    Supremacy MX - PPCS price $55, my price $40
    Black Acetal EVO - not csq - ppcs $73, my price $55
    Acrylic Nickel CSQ Polished - ppcs $78, my price $60
    Acrylic Nickel CSQ Not polished - ppcs $78, my price $60
    Acrylic Nickel NON CSQ - - ppcs $78, my price $60

    XSPC - 4 raystorms in varying configs - mix and match your own!
    - two with acetal tops, one with copper top, one with black nickel coated copper top
    - brackets - 3 acrylic brackets, one aluminum, one black painted aluminum
    - bracket covers - three black brushed aluminum, one red, and one black nickel
    PPCS price - $53 - my price - $40

    Koolance -
    CPU-390i Acyrlic Top, ppcs price - $80, my price - $55
    CPU-390i Acyrlic Top, ppcs price - $80, my price - $55
    CPU-390i Nickel Top, ppcs price - $90, my price - $65
    CPU-380i Acetal Top, my price - $45

    Bistpower Summit HF acetal version of this
    PPCS price - $80, my price - $50



    3x120mm alphacool blue fans - $8 ea
    1x120mm Phobya red fan led - $8 ea
    1x120mm bitfenix white fan red led- $8 ea
    4x120mm shrouds - $2
    1x120mm Arctic F12 black/white fan - $8ov
    1x120mm Antec "3" black fan - $3
    1x140mm yate loon - $4
    3x120mm Vardars 1850rpm - $12
    33x120mm Gentle Typhoons - mix of 1850rpm and 2150rpm. NOT PWM version. These have had custom wires added to them which will be removed unless you buy them with a radiator, so you'll need to solder more on. $15 ea



    Too many to list out but a lot of these:
    Monsoon 1/2" ID x 3/4" OD in chrome or black.
    Monsoon hardline fittings in the 1/2" x 5.8" to match with the bending kit. You'll need glue and end caps though. Also have some matching monsoon acrylic tube for sale.
    Zoom in to the pic and see if there's anythign you want, otherwise you can also make an offer on the total lot.


    Local pickup is probably best
    Corsair 900D - $200
    InWin 909 - $300
    NZXT H440 - $50
    NZXT Source 530 - $40
    NZXT Phantom 530 - $50
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    holy fook. I just bought a lot of this stuff brand new. Damn. Good luck with sale!
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    Man..looks like it would be fun to come over your house haha.
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    And I thought I had a lot of spare parts...
    I was wrong. very wrong.
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    Haha thanks. I didn't even realize I had this much til I started emptying out the garage. Stuff creeps up on you. here are some more pics of fittings that people requested:


    vl4n quick disconnects

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    Just bought those monsoon fittings,wondering did i get enough.
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    That is one [H]ard collection!
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    subbed for later and thank you for making me feel so much better about the amount of extra WC crap I have lying around.
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    Hahah thanks everyone, I added all this up and the total of "my price" items, not the retail price is $4950. Yikes. If anyone wants to buy the lot (excluding cases) I guess I'd take $2500.
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    Dang that is a pretty sick deal.

    Definitely tempted to start my first custom cooling build, just don't have the time right now :(