street fightere IV controller set up


Limp Gawd
Jul 28, 2008
im trying to get SFIV set up, and right now i have a ps2 controller connected to the usb via a usb to ps2 controller adapter i got at frys awhile back. i set all my controllers, and so far they all work, but there are 3 buttons that have problems.

first off, the low punch (which i put as square) automatically opens up the windows live side bar. is there away to disable the sidebar that opens up? its quiet annoying trying to connect a combo and having a windows live screen open up.

the other 2 problems is the med punch and kick (which i configured as triangle and circle). when i press triangle, the person ducks and punches. it seems that its configured both as duck and punch, but i only set it as punch in the settings. same goes for circle, except i jump and kick rather than duck and punch.

if anybody has any suggestions please tell.