Streaming games hardware quesiton


Aug 15, 2006
So I have:

i5-2500k @ 4.2ghz
8gig G.skill
GTX 470 SC 1.5gb
Intel G2 160g SSD
W7 Home Premium

I currently have a 2-year license with xsplit so my software is up to date with all the codecs.

Now my question is what hardware I should upgrade in order to stream at 1080p without any FPS lag. I figured my PC specs would be good enough to the point where I wouldn't notice a performance loss but I do when I stream WoW.

I can stream at 720p @ 30fps without any notice of lag. I can also do 1600x900 with barely any loss, but when it comes to 1920x1080 my FPS just dips from 70 to about 30-40, then it gets worse when there's combat.

Stream settings:
<Resolution changes>
30 fps
LA Primary data center
1104kbps video
96kbps audio
1200kbps total.
My internet is a 25mbps/25mbps FiOS connection (which by the way SUCKS for streaming). If I set my bitrate higher I just begin dropping frames due to bandwidth, not PC.
Checking out the xsplit forums, the best way to have no performance loss while streaming is to buy a capture card and to have a decent laptop or another computer as the streaming computer so xsplit doesn't use up resources from the gaming computer.
o that is a good call, i didn't think of that lol

I do have another PC that does nothing but act as a storage unit for my files next to me
Also try streaming at a higher bitrate if you get a 2 pc set up working. I'm pretty sure that your hardware is having a hardtime rendering a higher quality stream while gaming at the same time.