Strange video issues...but not in safe mode


[H]F Junkie
Apr 6, 2003
This is kinda weird so I thought I'd see if anyone had any ideas or has dealt with anything similar.

I can be doing nothing strenuous at all on the computer, sitting at the desktop even, and completely at random the screen will all of a sudden just go blank. Normally this would be viewed as a stability issue with my OC, except the rest of the computer is perfectly fine, it continues to folding, audio keeps playing, and all information on my G15's LCD continues to update every second.

The only other possibility is some kind of video issue, and I immediately started thinking that my X850XT was to blame. I proceeded to load Oblivion, and the screen went black again within a few seconds of getting in the game. ATITool's artifact scan also goes completely haywire and fills with thousands of artifacts after a couple minutes. The strange thing is that none of this happens all the time, sometimes I can play NFS:MW for an hour before it goes black on me. Ontop of all that, VPU recover will often "kick in" if th screen goes blank when I'm playing a game. The X850XT has a VF900 installed on it, and it's load temps (even with 25C temps outside) never get above I know it's not a temperature issue, and the card hasn't been overclocked for months, so that's not it.

Another strange part of the scenario is that not a single thing happens in safe mode...the computer has been running in safe mode (for testing purposes) for 2 days now with no issues. I'm not sure if DirectX is loaded at all in safemode or not, which could explain it, because if it was the hardware itself you'd think that it wouldn't matter if I was in safe mode or not.

I'm prepared to format the machine with the hope that it is a DirectX/software issue...but I also don't want to be left stranded with a machine that doesn't boot if I get halfway through the format and it goes blank again. Technically if it is a DirectX issue I should be able to get through the format, because DirectX wouldn't have been loaded yet, and I suppose I could just boot into safemode to reinstall applications after the install.

I realise that was a longer post, but if anyone has any ideas I'd be more then willing to try/consider just about anything, because I don't have any PCI video cards sitting around to install to confirm whether it's the video card itself or not. I might see if I can pickup an X300 or something fairly cheap for testing today, but I'm still open to suggestions until I get this figured out.