Strange issue with my networked printer - any ideas?


Dec 2, 2009
So my office tossed out a Dell 5110 color laser when they upgraded. Not thinking much about it, I took it home, hooked it up to my simple home network and began using it.

Here's the strange part. I've had it for a few months - since about January - on my network setup. No other users but me - multiple computers (bedroom, gaming, htpc, different laptops) but just me as the user.

So out of curiosity / boredom last night, I clicked on the monthly report function from the printers front dashboard (physical front panel) and it printed out a list of machines users and where the related print jobs comes from - most of which I recognized, but a few strange ones which I didn't (one was labeled Grade 2 so obviously a school of some kind) and according to the printout, these mystery users used 60k pages worth of usage this month.

I double-checked the dates to make sure its not reprinting old usage reports and nope, its not - dates are correct (this month).

Here's the rub - I can literally see the printer sitting in my living room, so there's no chance someone snuck in - printed 60k+ worth of pages without me noticing especially since I also have wifi security cameras inside my place (well in the hallways and the the doors).

Like I said, my home network is super simple:

ISP (Comcast)->
Modem (mine not theirs)->
Netgear router (WAN side is ISP assigned / LAN SIDE is and
Everything else is assigned a fixed IP (desktop computers and NAS) except for laptops / phones / tablets which are dynamically assigned whenever they join and starting at / always over x.x.x.100.

The printer itself is FWIW.

It doesn't really mean anything but it kinda freaked me out when I looked at it. I want to double-check & make sure there's no leaks in my home network setup somewhere.

TLDR: Got a free networkable printer. Installed it at home. Monthly print reports says theres ghost print jobs coming from my printer. I just want to make sure my home network isn't compromised.
I'd look to see if the Dell is reporting to any type of 'cloud'. Also, if that activity matches the past use life of the printer, it is probably just that--dates and such can end up getting scrambled with firmware bugs, etc. I personally wouldn't worry as long as the printer has no internet connection.
Well, unless you fed it 60k pieces of paper or ran out of toner a few times, i think youll be fine.