Steven Spielberg Is Gunning to Make Sure Netflix Never Has Another Oscars Contender

Awards and recognition are powerful advertising, whether you care or not. This one gatekeeper would like to reel in more users of their cinema-based distribution model -- the only way they get to charge their own particular kind of tax.

Some industries are smarter and don't even have to wave around awards and recognition to encourage businesses to use their venues -- they simply lobbied governments to enforce a highly specific tax regardless of venue, broadcasting, or promotions. e.g. Look up "Authorized combative sport tax." It's crazy.
Emmy for Netflix? Makes hella lot of sense

these sort of films cannot get proper and sufficient theater time
because there is a dearth of art house cinemas

why there is a dearth of those? Because rent is fucking ridiculously expensive ( and owned by conglomerates) , and studios are pissy about having play-theaters project these films.
Is this mtz? What ever the crap my wife watches.
Must be PC, he knows Netflix will be so where's the problem?
yeah.. when i was looking at streaming services.. one of the criteria was... Must have Oscar winning movies... NOT
Hey Steve, why don't you travel back in time. Back to the 70's, when you were a young man filming 'Jaws', a movie your peers said would lose money. Did you give a shit about the Hollywood establishment in those days? Remember what it was like to get the green light for 'Close Encounters Of A Third Kind'? Or 'Poltergeist'? Do you remember a time when you believed that a scary movie could represent the artistic qualities of Hollywood?

You're an older man now, but that doesn't mean you have to represent the Hollywood establishment that you never liked.

100% agree, either he's getting paid a shit ton by companies to pull this crap or he's losing it, Netflix is doing exactly what he was trying to prove with Jaws.. they're giving people the opportunity to release movies/shows the industry otherwise refused to do. are a lot of them bad? sure but at least they're getting to make them on an easily accessible platform for anyone to watch and every once in a while a diamond in the rough appears.
Its funny if Disney's streaming service is successful, they all will follow suit. And they all will be Netflix' anyway. At least that is Disney's plan.
TL:DR Spielberg is old and doesn't like change

Oscars are almost completely irrelevant these days. The medium of distribution has zero relevance to quality. Arguing Netflix movies don't belong in Oscars is like saying that movies on DVD don't belong in Oscars. Is he arguing that only films currently in theaters are Oscar worthy? Or just that the film had to have been released in theaters at some point? If so, then Netflix originals would be Oscar worthy by that definition, as they could be screened in theaters.

I think this could serve as a way to discuss what makes a film oscar worthy, but it comes off as elitism and racketeering.
That is fine with me in addition not one streaming service nor cable channel nor satellite TV show the awards. Keep 100% movie theater, where you can take your family of 5 at $12 a pop and buy $5 popcorn and $5 sodas and watch all the stars praise themselves with infantile and illogical speeches while all bow down and clap.

Wait, not a soul would bother.

If only it was that cheap I would do all my shopping at the theater!