Steam Deck Tips & Tricks

I had faster internet than that former speed in Arkansas in 2006... By 08 I didn't use or intend megabits that was megabytes. That's 624 Mbps.

The deck doesn't have wifi 6, but all my other mobile things do except the e readers so that's why we have u6pro APs. Mind you we already had APs so changing them out is just a matter of porting the 8' ladder around for a few minutes.
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I read that Valve has added game transfer from PC to SD to the Steam beta client. I haven't checked it out yet but it seems like it will be a lot less work than the warpinator angle.
It should be a lot easier than warpinator at least for Steam Games. I have a feeling it won't necessarily work with non steam games added to your steam library. I haven't tried the beta either. I tend to stick to the release channel unless there is some major feature I want to try out. :)
In this thread we ask and answer questions about how to use the Steam Deck, as well as point out things we've discovered, like friends we met this entire time.

I would like to know how to delete controller layout templates from my Deck. I've saved the same config three times with the same name, and they're annoying me. I want to delete the redundant layouts. Got any tips?