Steam: Batman Arkham Asylum and Just Cause for $22.09

If I didn't already have both I'd get them. Definitely recommended!
My steam backlog doesn't need to get any bigger or I'd be all over this deal. $22.09 isn't cheap if you never make it to the games.
Steam also has Final Fantasy 11 ultimate pack for 7.50, anyone play that game at all to know if thats a good deal or fun game?
FF11 is an MMO so there is a monthly fee so I don't think it's worth it. But then again I am kind of against any game that requires a monthly fee.
FF11 is not just an MMO, its the one of the shittiest, most obnoxious timesinks ever invented. Why anyone finds any joy at all in that game is beyond me, although I feel pretty much the same way about any Asian style MMO. They are all about grind and little else.

BB:AA and JC are both great deals. The original JC has not aged well at all though and it did not control very well on the PC imo. Still worth the $7.50 though if you haven't played it before and are looking forward to 2.
Ohhhhh, I wish this was Just Cause 2. I can't wait to get that game.

It's supposed to be excellent in 3D. (Just like Battlefield: Bad Company 2)

Just Cause 1 was a lot of fun, much like Mercenaries 2.
FYI - Just picked up Batman AA PC @ Target for $12.48 on clearance.
Picked up Just Cause (already had Batman), thanks. The game is pretty absurd, but fun. If you're looking to run it in widescreen, ArtMoney allowed me to do this. Kind of a pain, but it works.