Starfield: Let's see Your Ships!

So the above ship actually causes lots of issues with the game. Although there are people out there that have managed to build larger ships than me, I don't think they have full interiors the way mine do. When I saw they have full interiors, I mean each deck for the most part has a full layout from front to back on the ship and one that's as wide as the internal volume of the ship in most cases. As a result, I think mine cause issues with the game due to their complexity. Trying to use that ship causes the game to crash. I can barely ever get onboard. Though one the rare occasions I can, once in space it usually works fine so long as I don't land it. The game really does have a limit of around 200m, and that ship goes way over. This one only has about 18,000 mass compared to almost 30,000. It only needed 9x Class M engines to maintain 100 mobility versus the 12 needed for the larger version.

As a result, I built a slightly more conservative design that's less complex as its 41m shorter and has 2 fewer decks. Here it is next to the Key. Firepower is like the first class M ship I did. That is, its more conservative than the larger ship. The firepower of any of these designs is absurdly overpowered. I can probably still one shot the Vigilance's shields or pretty close to it. Hell, I have smaller Class-C ships that have half as much firepower that basically one shot most targets in the game even on hard difficulty. So I went for what I thought looked more aesthetic rather than going for outright firepower.



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Damn. These awesome ships make me wish the game was more fun so I could play it more.
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Then just build ships? Make that your game.
That isn't what I want to do in any Bethesda RPG. I found base-building fun in Fallout 4, but it took up very little of my time as I didn't do it much... exploration, quests, travel, and story are what I want from Bethesda.
Endgame Class B 104DS Mag Inertial 39 energy reactor (+5 from max Aneutronic Fusion skill) multi-role ship - this is my Frontier now. No ladders using the Nova Galactic Cabot C4 bridge with stairs. The only part from the original Frontier is the hab:




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I started out trying to modify the Razorleaf but ended up just building one from scratch to get a feel for the builder:



While it's lacking in the storage department, it's pretty well equipped for combat.
Lvl 30, only mods are no reactor limit, no shield limit. Power limits are still in place.

The Frontier Mk.V still has the original bay, everything else has been rebuilt/upgraded. Some shielded cargo, a couple passenger slots, workshop. 90+ Mobility and top speed of 150. It's a pretty solid explorer and my normla go to when i don't have a bunch resources to lug around

The Paelex Vulpes (Jade Fox). Started life as a Rambler, built to be a freighter, currently its my home ship as i need to setup an output to leave my resources at.
Paeles Vulpes.png

The Pugio Navis - Heavily modified Stilletto, this is a gun ship a nothing more. it has been updated to be fully turreted. fly into hostile activity and just watch everything get shredded.
Pugio Navis.png
I'll add to the madness, I bring you my chump Spaceghost, piloted by Lone Star... and no self-respecting Lone Star would go without his Spaceballs.


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