Star Citizen - media blowout, Chris Robert's new game

Just completed the basic flight sim module. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope the game continues development. 45$ seems like a good deal as I should get some fun even with the alpha...and if the game tanks and never gets least it was a fun space ride while it lasted...:)

So of course, while i'm just about to hit the buy button...I start to look up info on Elite Dangerous on you tube and the comparison between the two......So, I guess Elite dangerous is just another SIM, but is a little more polished then SC, especially since it's not an Alpha....So who here has both? Does it cost more to play Elite, or once you get the expansion along with the base game, you're good to go? Gameplay looks similar albeit, SC is bluish and ED is orange... What's the consensus here??? SC thread, so I assume SC takes the gold?

EDIT-Sorry for the noob questions..... I just purchased the Aurora LN package. I pulled it to my Hanger so I can see it, but what about the other items with my purchase? I got the 5000 free credits when I registered. Why didn't my 1000 credits populate to the 5000 when i purchased the package? Also, how do I access Squadron 42? Sorry for the noob questions..this is my first space sim

Glad you joined up! Never worry about noob questions, if you want to chat I PM'ed you my Google Hangouts name.

Lot of players buy both games because their very different space sims. I personally don't have Elite but enjoy a lot of water cooler talk my company's programmer who has both. He likes Elite because its more astronomically realistic. Space is vast and empty. He explores and spent 3 weeks realtime without running into another player. I think its been out for over a year and something minute like 3% of space has been explored? Star citizens space will be a bit more populated with crafted stuff to do, and hopefully we will have the tools in-game to generate missions (they hint at it).

Elite released without multiplayer ships or avatars. You are your ship, and have no ability to get up and walk around like Star Citizen. Elite has plans to add this though. Multiplayer ships is the major reason I like Star Citizen more, I enjoy games like Artemus space bridge simulator, and FPS games with massive vehicles supporting multiple players like BF1942 or Jump To Lightspeed. Star Citizen is working hard to ger their server code to support more and more players in an area to allow for epic space battles with a variety of ships of all sizes.

Elite has no mention of FPS. Wheres Star Citizen is built on the CryEngine, its built with First Person in mind from the start.

Again, both great space sim games that went different directions. It's hard to compare without knowing what features you are most interested in.

As far as the UEC credits go, I would suggest sitting on them for now. There are 2 kinds of currency currently. UEC and REC.

In the world of Star Citizen think of UEC as real cash, and REC as credits earned from playing a video game and used for spending in that video game.

Currently there is no way to earn UEC untill the game is finished, you can earn REC by playing public matches of Arena Commander. Racing, PvP and even Vanduul Swarm PVE earn REC so long as you stick around for the match to end and award REC. You can then spend these Rental credits in the "Electronic Access" part of the site. Allowing you to try out ships and gear for 7 days. (If you don't log in it wont count as a day.)

When the game is eventually finished you earn UEC by completing missions and trading. UEC is spent to buy permanent real items in game. Arena Commander is technically a VR game in the Star Citizen universe (a game in the game) where pilots can take a break and fly without risk of loosing equipment or life. You can continue to earn REC and try out ships, equipment, and loadouts in the "virtual" game before you buy them with hard earned UEC.

Does that make seance? IRL, its a way to try out equipment cheaply, in the lore its a video game currency.
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Subscriber Centurion 10% off coupons have been released, check your email or your hangar (on the website) if you've been subscribed for 12 months or more.

Also added updated Khartu-al concept art to the vault, OMG so pretty.
Is it just me or is the new Imperator coupon at 20%? I've not gotten mine for this year yet... but I have one from last year and its a 15% - - does seem to indicate 20%, so is that something new this year? I wonder if I can trade my old one in...hmm... or if it no longer has the $100 maximum value. I was hanging onto mine for when I finally decide to go for an Idris or similar heh
I am doing short term subscription but I saw in the notes that it's now capped at $50...they must've lost too much money on some fake big ships in other sales.
So ready for this Sabre to become flyable, hate just having it sitting in my hangar looking back at me.
Got the Hull E back finally (and my lost coupon credit :) )

I'll have to decide if I want to reup on the Subscriber stuff again and get my Reclaimer back at some point in the future once my dumb rebuy tokens come back.

Also X-com 2 tonight :D

time to kill some aliens
Yeah, it should be cool. I really want to have some org runs where we load it up with some high value items with people running escort and make some serious bank. :)
Yeah, it should be cool. I really want to have some org runs where we load it up with some high value items with people running escort and make some serious bank. :)

I'm ready for your noodle machine delivery service. :)
I wonder how many we could fit in one of those...
Starfarer hangar ready for 2.2

Hmm, some kind of ore processing on that layout map, interesting. Might have to grab one after all. A design post on fuel harvesting mechanics (and maybe a video of diving into a gas giant) would sell a ton too. If some fuel types need some components from ore in addition to harvested gas it could drive a bunch more trade and teamwork between players in the PU.
hopefully soon! As of right now I have more ships out of hanger than in hanger/flyable
Anyone recall if it was said that flying for the UEE would be possible after doing SQ42 in SC? As in, getting paid by them and exclusive missions?
Anyone recall if it was said that flying for the UEE would be possible after doing SQ42 in SC? As in, getting paid by them and exclusive missions?

My understanding is (and admittedly, this is from long ago) - those who have completed the SQ42 campaign and then bring their character into Star Citizen will have certain benefits, such as a "pension/retirement pay", possibly enough UEC to buy a starter ship (Aurora, Mustang, Reliant..?) straight out in the PU , and for lack of a better word "reputation" with the UEE Navy

From finishing the SQ42 campaign you will be a UEE Navy veteran, inactive a la Reserves, which is how you can be called up for future SQ42 Expansion campaigns. Thanks to this, you will have certain reputation benefits (and perhaps detriments) in the public universe. Think of it like starting out with +1 to all UEE aligned factions, +2 with the UEE Navy, and perhaps -1 with factions that dislike the UEE. Thus you'll have a little leg up on getting contracts with the UEE in the public universe that require the UEE to trust someone more, but it is still fluid - if you go right out of your sterling military career and start with illegal activity those bonuses will start to flip!

As far as an exclusive mission, I don't remember any particular announcement of this but it seems likely there may be something linked. Its likely that those who completed SQ42 (which will have decisions to be made, will affect the future campaign for that character) may have a differing option for a contract at some point. For instance, if you saved someone's life during SQ42, maybe they now run a shipping conglomerate on UEE contract and will offer you preferential pay for missions. However, if they died, you may be tasked by the UEE to hunt a particularly deadly pirate only to find out it is the son or daughter of the person who died, raging at the UEE for the death of their parent etc. Others who took these contracts might still have missions from a shipping conglomerate or to go pirate hunting, but may not ruin into these particular story points. These are just hypothetical of course, but something like that seems possible given the intricate system they designed.

Hope this helps
Star Citizen Package Split info has been posted:

Greetings Citizens,

Last week, we announced the date for the impending Star Citizen/Squadron 42 ‘package split.’ Today, we’d like to clear up some confusion about exactly what’s happening!

First of all: the package split does NOT impact any current backers. If you’ve already pledged for Star Citizen, you will have access to both the persistent universe and the Squadron 42 single-player campaign. All ‘Squadron 42’ packages sold before the split also include access to the persistent universe. The split applies only to any new packages purchased after February 14, 2016.

Additionally, we would like to announce that the current Free Fly has been extended up until February 14th. Our hope is that this will give anyone interested in Star Citizen a chance to try the game and see the progress we’ve made before the split occurs, letting them get in at the lower price.

Here are some other common questions we’ve seen in the community:

Why split Squadron 42 and Star Citizen?

When we started Star Citizen’s crowdfunding campaign, the plan was that earlier backers would get a lower price on the Star Citizen starter package than those that backed later. The plan was to first gradually increase the price and then split up various modules for “a la carte options.” This gave backers who joined the project early on and helped get it off the ground an advantage. With the package split, we’re accomplishing this objective without increasing the amount of money needed to join the persistent universe. The ‘package split’ is the first introduction of the anticipated a la carte option: you can pick which part of the game you’re interested in, for now the single player campaign or the persistent universe, and then can choose whether or not to purchase the other module as an add-on.

Are Star Citizen and Squadron 42 still connected?

YES! The package split does not change the fact that Star Citizen and Squadron 42 are part of the same game universe, or the fact that the games are functionally connected. You will access Squadron 42 through the same game client. And your performance in Squadron 42 will still have an impact on your career in the persistent universe, whether you buy both segments together or if you choose to add one further down the line. Finally, you will receive access to Star Citizen’s Arena Commander with the “Squadron 42” pledge to practice your flying skills. We continue to see Squadron 42 and Star Citizen as two modules that make up a larger whole. While we know not everyone enjoys both single and multiplayer games, we would certainly encourage you to try both for the complete Star Citizen experience!

What will the separate games cost?

The base price for either an Aurora starter package (with the persistent universe) or the Squadron 42 single player campaign will be $45. If you would like to add one or the other (Squadron 42 to a Persistent Universe package, or the Persistent Universe to a Squadron 42 package) it will be a $15 addon. (These prices are not final, and are subject to change with future promotions.)

Will this impact the ‘unmelt’ option?

No. If you have ‘melted’ an older, non-limited package, you will still have the option to restore it in the pledge buy-back area.

How can I be absolutely certain I already have the persistent universe and Squadron 42?

Click on the ‘expand’ triangle icon associated with your package in your My Hangar page to see exactly what’s on your account. “Star Citizen digital download” is the Persistent Universe module, while “Squadron 42 digital download” is the single-player campaign.

If you haven't purchased Star Citizen yet and are considering, I'd suggest now would be a good time while you can get it still for $45 for both Star Citizen and Squadron 42. After February 14th Squadron 42 and Star Citizen will be split, but for the foreseeable future you will be able to buy the games individually and add either to your package for $15 bring it to $60, but they eventually plan to increase the price of both titles to $60 each.

You can use my referral code if you don't have an account to add 5k (UEC) in game credits to your game for weapons or decorations, STAR-6FK6-S9WP

If you don't want to use my referral code there is a referral code generator on reddit which is like a lottery to random generate someone who submitted their referral code (I'd just give this, but I'm 2 recruits from my fish tank):

Also, you can still try StarCitizen for free until Feb.14th. You'll have a Aurora LN, Mustang Delta and a Hornet F7C available to take into all available modes right now. Just create an account, using one of referral codes from above to try the game.

Package I'd recommend right now:

Comes with both Star Citizen and Squadron 42 and the most advanced version of the Aurora.

Also Subscriber Vault Update:

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Interesting. The LN package is still a better deal if you want to upgrade (base CCU $25 for MR, $35 for LN) but might be good for gifts etc. I get a 404 unless I'm signed in so I guess you have to be a backer first, which is a bit odd. Wonder how long they will last.
Wondering what you guys thought would be a good price for my rear admiral lti package.
Backed Oct 11th 2012, so I think it has all the rewards.
Have not touched it since I purchased it.

the reddit sale area seems a little intimidating.
no idea what the market is like now that there have been so many lti token ships thrown around.

as well as the buy back system opening up even more lti ships to the market.
How to get the Backer Discount Game Pack with a new account:

Step 1. Create an account. (please use referral code randomizer to help community and get some free ingame credits)

or help me get my Fish Tank: STAR-6FK6-S9WP

Step 2. Buy a cheap item (ship skin, $5 or something/anything up to $40 meltable), congrats you are a backer!

Step 3. Give it a bit of time, 24 hours.

Step 4. Melt said items, up to $40 in value. Go to "My Hangar" on the website and expand your item and "Exchange for store credit"

Step 5. Now you can see and add Backer Discount Game Package to your Cart.

Step 6. Apply Store Credit (and pay any difference).

Congratulations, you just bought into Star Citizen for $40 using an obvious loophole! This is a limited time offer, so take that into account with the 24 hour melt period.

I still consider the Aurora LN a better starter package and even is a $5 discount over this package.
Cutlass is by and far one of the most beautiful ships to destroy on AC, the Constellation is a strong second, I got completely mesmerized by my own falling apart at a comm array in the PU.
Out of curiosity, is there a page somewhere that does a good job explaining the differences between ships and trims and what their roles are? The rsi page is not very good at it. I have an idea of what my play style would be, but would like my backing to support that, not just going ohhh pretty.
according to Reverse the Verse just now:
- 2.2 is in internal testing and will be released to PTU when ready
- one new hanger ready ship (reliant or scout?)
- one new flyable ship (sabre?)
- physicalized EVA
- some kind of reputation system
Yeah, Starfarer should be the hangar ready ship.
As for the flyable ship you can't have a ship skip the hangar ready step before it is flyable. We do not have the Reliant nor the Xi'An scout in the hangar so they cannot be the flyable ships. I'll place my bet on the Sabre or a variant of the already released ships.
Starfarer needs the larger hangar though, so they would have to be finished relighting and expanding the existing hangar. One of the devs said they have to redo all the hangar lighting because of the expanded size.