Staples Mesh office chair


Nov 16, 2005
Needed a new office chair badly because the chair I was using started showing it's age and leprosy had begun eating away at it. It was a high back executive's leather chair. I bought it used ( almost new) condition from a W.B.Mason distributor near me for $25. Couldn't beat that! Fast forward 6 years later and the ass padding was done and no matter how much I cleaned and treated the leather, it started peeling and cracking.

So I goes to my local Staples and see this mid back mesh and a sort-of tempur material padding at a reasonable price at under $200

I sat on a few chairs, and for the price this wasn't too bad. I'm 6'1" and 210lbs. I'm not into that gaming chair shit as all the ones I tested were hard as rock and had no type of comfort whatsoever. I don't see the logic in those. To me it's a just a gimmick to suck more money out of those that don't know any better but to follow suit.

Anyways here it is less than a year later and the fucking piston is losing gas or something because when I sit it in the next day, the dam thing is lowered. And I live alone unless my large predator fish are playing a game with me o_O

Now here I am shopping for a new office chair. What a fucking drag. Anybody got any suggestions? Budget max is $300. If it's more I'd take my chances with the used office furniture market again. Figured my fat ass would enjoy a new chair and not used ( if I can help it). 99% of the office furniture I've gotten have been used. Yeah I'm poor like that. Look at the fucking video card in my sig :LOL:
I owned the hyken chair and it was pretty good but after about 3 years the plastic on the arm wrests started cracking and splitting.
IMHO the big difference between higher end office chairs and stuff like that $200 chair you linked is durability. Back in the day I had a series of cheaper chairs. They'd last a couple years, then I'd toss them. No comfort complaints, they just broke. The last one I bought was more like $700. Raynor Ergohuman. Lasted a decade, then last year I had to replace the seat and cylinder for about $250. Yeah, 10 years old and I can still get parts. Pretty much good as new now. The back, armrests, base, wheels, etc. are fine. Just needed a new seat bottom since one of the adjustments quit working and a cylinder since it was starting to leak. I'm a little heavier at about 250lbs though, so that makes chairs not last as long as they would for someone lighter. At any rate the point is that if you get a good chair you can spend less overall and not have to think about chairs as often. You have to pay a lot more up front for a quality office chair though, so they're not for everyone. Like if you're a student you might not want to sink a pile of money into something you can wait to get after you graduate and get a real job. OTOH if you have one of those work from home programming jobs and expect it to stay that way... just drop $700 - a grand on a good chair. That's what most of the chairs I've used at work cost, and in the long run they cost less than a series of cheaper chairs.