Stalker Remaster mod adds ray tracing, 8K textures and wild weather


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Jan 14, 2006
Eh, could be interesting. I put down the original after I got bored with all the mods I'd have to install to make it look anything like a modern game.


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Jan 20, 2019
count me in. I've gone back for a replay of the series a few times and have had fun. The "complete" mod alone adds a lot, although there's no helping that the landscape somehow feels both cramped and sparse. but I enjoy the gameplay and there are some good creepy moments terrifying encounters with monsters


Oct 3, 2007
But did they make it multi-threaded?
OpenXRay has multi-threaded support, but most of the original game is so LUA script heavy, that the bulk of the work ends up running on one thread anyway. But OpenXRay engine can completely take advantage of offloading onto other threads, if the mod makers so choose.

So, if this mod takes advantage of the constantly updated open sourced version of the X-Ray engine, which I mentioned above, (note I have no idea if it does, because the OP link is ad hell and I never made it to the first paragraph to confirm) then technically, yes, it is multi-threaded. But having multi-threaded support and taking of advantage of it are two completely different things. And my guess is that all that LUA scripting is going to bog down a single CPU core anyway.

Based on my experience with playing with the actively updated mods, such as Dead Air, Anomaly, etc., the updated engine runs much much better. A ton better than vanilla and certainly better than the abandoned Misery mod. Anomaly has really good support for Ultrawides. I've played a shit ton of Anomaly this year as a result.

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Sep 26, 2001
Looks neat but the engine is so decrepit by today's standards.. it's a stuttery mess with horrible framepacing even with really good hardware :/