SSD Boot Drive + HDD Storage Drive Question


Jul 24, 2010
Hey forum

So i have a 64GB SSD and a 1 TB HDD in my setup.
The SSD is my boot drive. After win7 installation it leaves me about 30GB of free space.
I redirected my documents folder to the HDD.
Everytime I install a game on my seems my SSD would get smaller as well. Say I install a 10GB Tomb Raider on my HDD. I would find my SSD decrease in about .4 to .5GB.
what's causing this? Why is a large part of the game still installed onto the SSD?
Maybe I should just invest in a larger SSD hehe. but before I do I want to understand this problem and see what I can do to fix it.

Thanks all!

Matt Welke

Limp Gawd
Mar 17, 2004
There's always a small amount of data written to the boot drive when you install any program, and for games it can be significant. Virtually all of it though is confined to the documents folders, so if you're sure you've correctly moved them to the storage drive, then that should remove this problem.

I also used a 64 GB SSD in my desktop for years and installed many games. I never noticed such drastic decreases in space as you. What exactly steps did you take to move the document folders?