Splicing in a Rheostat on an old Volcano7+


Apr 30, 2006
first off, hold the funny jokes.. lol, im building this system for my sister.

i bought a nice set of older pc parts for real cheap, problem is the volcano 7+ didnt come with its fan speed controller. Everyone knows direct connect to the mobo = very loud.

im trying to figure out what i can do to get this fan quiet either by splicing in a rheostat or some other means..
Ive already tried to splice in the extra rheo that came with MY old extreme volcano, but the rheo started smelling like it was burning, so i took that off asap.

if you guys got any ideas on what i can do.. any radioshack parts? any local retail outlet rheo kits?? im trying to get this system running TODAY without ordering anything online.

I also dont know where to connect the yellow wire from the fan to the mobo..

the system is.. asus a7v333, volcano7+, 1gig, 80gig, nv4200

thanks for any advice


Supreme [H]ardness
Aug 25, 2006
You could run it on 7 volts. I had one of those back in the day and the fan was a little beast. Probably pulled more current than the reostat could handle othewise that should have worked.

You will have to cut off the fan connector and wire the fan leads up to a molex connector or splice in the wires goint to a molex connector by soldering or small wire nuts would also be fine. Leave enough wire on the existing fan power connector so you can splice it back on later.

fan +12 goes to molex +12 (Yellow wire) (so you might end up with red from fan to yellow of molex if as in most cases the fan "hot" +12 is colored red which is NOT the PC standard color code for power. Yellow is +12 , red is +5 on molex wiring from power supply) God I hope that made sense.

fan negative goes to +5 (red wire) on the molex.

the voltage difference between +12 and +5 is 7V and that is what the fan will see and run about 2/3 speed.

That should at least tone it down until the Vantech fanmate II shows up from newegg. (but still check the wattage on the fan vs the controllers specs)