Spherical Case


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Jan 9, 2003
Has anyone seen this done. I am debating testing my skills is fabricating a Sphere for a case. I have some thoughts in mind be its still in the brainstorming phase. I have yet to see it done. I seen dome case but none that i consider to be spherical.

I don't know i just think it would be damn interesting to have a big round ball basically housing my pc.
i've seen one done before, however i forget where it was.
it was inside of a glass sphere, and used a mini itx board.
sowingseason said:
what happens when it rolls away ??? :( :confused: hehe

You could either make a stand or weight it so it stands mostly on the bottom.
What would it be made out of? Fiberglass? Or would it be made up like a soccer ball with small sub-sections attached together?

Look up Buckminster Fuller for architectural ideas.

Perhaps with parts from Lubic?

All sides straight equal length so easy to fabricate. The problem would be creating connectors to connect 3 lengths at each apex. Once that's figured out the rest is probably not that hard.

- Rev
There's a few that I'm aware of...
The EPIA Sphere Mod used an outdoor light enclosure for its sphere. I think that's the one that was mentioned above. There's another work in progress over at Gruntville called the Enigma Sphere , but it look to be a sphere in name only, so it's probably not as useful. Probably the closest to what you're looking for was a mod seen at Euskal Encounter 2006 , but there's no information on the modder or construction. There is one shot of the opened housing though, if that's any help. And last but not least, there's this Japanese Concept , which is probably the cleanest looking mod, if not necessarily the most stable.

Best of luck! I'd for one would really like to see a properly documented Sphere build- it's a tricky fabrication to do.
I've seen someone mod a soccerball and a pair of boots into a working case.
i've had this kind of project in the works for months, but i havn't the funds to do any fabrication yet.

the only actual completed sphere cases i've ever seen is this weird plastic case this japanese company made, and a glass one, where a guy took one of those big lightbulb covers and put a miniATX inside.

look up my name, you'll see my past attempts at trying (see: Project: Sphere). i even have the sphere and everything (cost me $200 bucks too), but like most things, i need money to get anything going. I gotta find out if there are any good fabrication shops near me as well...

so yeah, the idea has been tossed around by a few people, but no actual finished project by anyone.

I'm secretly hoping no one will try until i have the resources to do something myself... >_>
I think someone shoved a PC in a death star model once... Can't seem to find it tho...
That Japanese mod was nearly exactly what i was envisioning. Except i'm trying to work a fully functional SLi machine with amd fx60 into it.

I'm thinking an epoxy resin to form it. My only roadblock atm is making a mold to hold the resin and how i am going to layout the fan placement to acheive the best cooling.
good link to the spheres there. An alternative if you still want to fab your own out of resin then you could make a mold or even cover one of theose huge workout balls in the resin. To make a mold you could make a 3 or 4 part plaster mold, this would use a lot of plaster and a rather large mold form (cardboard box). If you want some help making a multiple part plaster mold then PM me. the best part to making your own mold is that you could sculpt fan holes and reliefs or a small flat bottom so it won't roll, right into the mold. You could have recessed areas for the rear panels etc... right into the mold.
Hoever it would be a bit of work.
Thanks for the offer, but unless she's at least 18, really cute, extra intelligent and very good at CADD, I'll pass.

I just got a 6# cutie courtesey of my daughter, making me a grand-type person. That's more than enough young'uns for me.

Actually, that is rather great source for a unique product set, thanks for getting me going on the subject. Don't know what I would ever do with some spheres, but then you never know what will come your way tomorrow. Fact is I think it would be fabulous to build a spherical computer. Or anything spherical. Its just a neat shape.
How bout a large beach ball wrapped in fiberglass? Once the resin dries cut it in half and go nuts. Should be able to knock one of those out for under $50. Those acrylic domes/globes aren't cheap.
I've never worked with resin before...how do you get it to stay on and form around the ball?
RAFH said:
Thanks for the offer, but unless she's at least 18, really cute, extra intelligent and very good at CADD, I'll pass.

18? Where's the fun in that...