specs for picoPSU X for very specific project


Jul 16, 2014
Hey guys,

we'll me and a friend are working on a very specific (audio) project for which we use a mainboard (gigabyte GA-H55M-(X)) with 1 DDR3 module of least available amount memory (prosuming this is 1GB, don't think 512 DDR3 is made (anymore??))

Also we'll put all mainboard-setting to a bare minimal, (CPU, GPU, voltage freq.) pulling of the cpu fan, which leads to why a load of approx 25W in total.

As said this is for an audio project, all is in favor of increasing audio quality.
to power this all i need as special (fanless ofcourse minimalistic CPU) so ofcourse we headed towards the picoPSU's

So we got us some picoPSU-120's but they don't work, none of them and we have 5 ... We looked into everything.. and at this moment it seems most likely that the problem is that the 120 (instead of the 160-XT) has a switched 12V rail.

So i contacted minibox on the issue and basically they denied it having a switch untill i presented them with there own users manual, which clearly states it does.
All i need to know from them (or anyone) is a what load does the power supply switch on.
But they have stopped reply-ing...

so is anyone here familiar with the minimal load needed... ?

you could help me al LOT!!

kind greatings