Sparkle 550W converting 8 pin to 4 pin


Jul 30, 2002
So I managed to get my hands on this psu and noticed it needs an adapter to work with my motherboard. So I find the 24 pin to 20 pin adapter, but I can’t find any place that sells an 8 pin to 4 pin adapter. So I was wondering if I could just cut the 4 pin end off an old psu and merge the cords into it on this new psu. Is there something that I don’t know about that would not allow this to work? Forgive the noob question.
There is no need for a new connector, you will just have one end hanging off when you plug it in, it's keyed so you can't put it in wrong. Same thing with the 24 pin, you can just leave on edge hanging off, provided you have room. If you really want, you could put a 4 pin on, theres not much to it, just match yellow to yellow and black to black if you splice wires, or if you solder inside just match the points where the other like-colored wires are going.
Awesome thanks man, I thought I tried plugging it in like that before but now that I've tried it again it does work. :)