Spank your iPad...


Limp Gawd
Feb 11, 2004
Will wonders never cease?

I dropped my iPad 2 about a foot off the couch a couple of days ago and the screen died. It landed on a soft carpet right on its side, not even a hard fall. It seemed like everything else was working, the screen just went black and I was dreading a hefty repair or replacement bill (I know it's old, but if it ain't broke...).

Anyway, out of desperation with nothing else to do on a Sunday evening, I tried to find some options on Google before heading into my nearest Apple store, when I came across people who have had the same issue and one post said to basically put it across your knee and spank it.

OK, having some skill and experience in electronics, I know it's unlikely but not impossible to fix things this way, so I gave it a bash (literally). Lo and behold, it actually worked! I was very skeptical, but it actually came back to life and seems to be none the worse for wear.

It gave me a kick and I thought I'd share it - modern day technology being fixed by caveman tactics. :D


[H]F Junkie
Jul 5, 2004
Seen it happen in a few. Even one of my work ones. Usually a firm tap on the back or the edges sometimes gets it working. Also good to try if the display is discolored.