SP35P2 Pro: Modded Oasis Cooling + Thermalright HR-05


[H]F Junkie
Apr 6, 2003
Hey all...just a quick little post before I get ready to tear the Shuttle apart one more time on Friday to get the chassis powder coated on Monday.

First off, I've had this Thermalright HR-05 sitting in my desk drawer for months now as I've never had a use for it. I've wanted to install it in the Shuttle for some time now but I never took the time to figure out what I'd do about the existing Oasis cooling on the Shuttle motherboard. At first I was simply going to replace the SB/Mosfet blocks after installing the HR-05...but that wouldn't be nearly fun enough. ;)

First off, aside from the irritating installation process using the motherboards hooks, the HR-05 fit the board perfectly, and has about 2mm of space next to a stick of memory in the inner-most dimm slot...but I moved the memory over to the outer slots just to open up a bit more space next to the HR-05.

What I ended up doing (as I was being impatient, and wanted to get this done tonight) was simply cutting through the heatpipe leading to the NB block (close to the Mosfet block/fins), removing it from the loop entirely. I'm going to be replacing the Mosfet heatsink with some individual copper heatsinks soon and putting something beefier on the SB for the hell of it, but for now I'd say things are looking pretty snazzy. Sorry for the poor pic quality...came from my Blackberry and there aren't exactly any macro capabilities available:

The wiring is a mess around the PSU 'cus I just threw this thing back together in 10 minutes, but I'll be sure to get more pics posted after I unsolder some cables from the PSU and sleeve the whole works and get the chassis back from powder coating...gonna be damn sexy, especially with an Ultra-120 Extreme on the CPU parallel to the HR-05 with a 120mm 80cfm fan keeping both 'sinks nice and cool and a Thermaltake DuOrb with its sexy blue LED's on the HD4870. :)