Sound card for Shuttle SN25P


Sep 4, 2004
I was wondering if its possible to add a sound card into a shuttle. it says i have 2 pci-e slots available. im assuming the x16 slow is my video card and i have another free the x1 one. do they make x1 sound cards? should i get a usb sound card or just continue to use the onboard? i have sennhesier HD555 headphones that i use for competitive gaming. thanks
Since you only have a PCI-Express 1x slot for your sound card, you will be limited in your choices. For gaming there are really only 2, and 1 is not really all that great.

The X-fi ExtremAudio card is available in PCI-e, but that is not a real X-fi, just X-fi branded.

The Asus Xonar is a very nice sound card, and would be my choice, however if you were after some of the newer EAX features of the X-fi, you are out of luck with this card.
Skip the soundcard, just get an external DAC instead if you want better sound quality.
If you can find one.... You should buy Creative USB Sound Blaster Audigy 2NX. But they are not made anymore. So you should look for a used one. It's one of the best ever made... in my oppinion