Sony VR Tech Demo Hints at Certain Market Possibilities

Terry Olaes

I Used to be the [H] News Guy
Nov 27, 2006
Sony's Project Morpheus is giving Facebook's Oculus Rift a run for its money in the VR market. This article takes a look at one of Sony's VR demos and the commentary is pretty interesting. Summer Lesson is a demo that allows you to interact with a girl, ostensibly to teach her Japanese. Yes, it does sound rather familiar, doesn't it? ;)

No, she doesn’t get naked. It’s not that kind of lesson — at least, not literally. And yet it’s clearly a strong hint about how sex will sell in virtual reality, even in places where actual VR porn might be off the menu. The VR industry hasn’t been willing to talk about porn, because they don’t want that to be the focus of the conversation, but Summer Lesson is a concession that, yes, VR will be a platform for those kinds of experiences.