Sony Optiarc eSATA BD writer under Illumos/OpenIndiana


Jan 2, 2012
On my MicroServer build I needed to remove the ODD and replace it with 2x HDDs. This has left me with an issue regarding BD-R writing. The machine is a headless OpenIndana 151a box with 8GB RAM and a spare eSATA port. So I'm thinking about putting the Sony drive in an external eSATA enclosure (for throughput) and making it remotely available to my MacBook Air for writing via VNC.

But this will be the first time I have used this drive under anything but Linux, what is writing BD ISO files like under Solaris based systems? I assume I can use DVD+RW-Tools but what about UDF 2.5 support for the video formats?

Normally I'd use Gentoo and bash to do this job with perfect results every time but switching to this would mean I have to make another MicroServer or equivalent unit as the HP doesn't have enough grunt for ZFS on VM under ESXi using the on board controller (terrible disk I/O)

Anyone got any thoughts?