Sony Censors the Butt Out of Devil May Cry 5 for Western Audiences

It’s funny that some people are balming SJWs and others are blaming the Religious Right.

Could it possibly be that extremism on both ends of the spectrum is completely fucking insane?

Also, Sony seems to be out Nintendoing Nintendo these days. I’m honestly not sure whether the above Reddit post is correct or not, but the whole thing feels like control for the sake of control.
You've seen one kister you've seen them all. What's bad is the two characters need to use a whitening toothpaste.
Just watched the movie Brave again after reading this post. Now the scene with the naked man butts after they escaped from the tower is stuck in my head. Curse you Sony censors!
Sony just about f-ed up on this one. Self censorship on things that don't require outrage... I mean seriously. It's already got the correct rating for age groups. Sony America is full of puritan idiots.
Not everything is caused by "teh SJWs". Its a Sony thing, this isn't the first game.
I say this tongue in check, "They're everywhere". Well they really don't have to be. In that the game media is solidly SJW or SJW adjacent. So if you want a good Metacritic Score, you can't have anything too noteworthy like giggling T or A. Because an SJW twitter mob will transfer this dissatisfaction to the game media (there's almost no difference). Then you'll get a bad Metacritic Score. Basically the same ideologue based corruption that afflicts Rotten Tomatoes.