Sony 43" x800D XBR43X800D white backgrounds and vertical bands visible as move head?


Sep 12, 2008
I've had this tv for some time now.. great tv overall.. but there is one thing i'm finding frustrating that i'm not sure if its just my tv or the way they all are.. (i cant find another one in a local best buy to test/prove).. I use mine as a PC screen.. you can see this effect if you are using it for other applications as well.

IE: If you take a white background, even on a usb stick for instance.. then view it on screen (no pc needed etc)..

If you move your head left to right from say 2 feet away you will see (at least on mine) vertical subtle dark bands almost "in the background", like window shutters.. its not super bad, but once you see them you cant unsee them.

I'm wondering if anyone with this tv set, can take a white background and do this same test to confirm for me its not a defect.. or let me know that you've seen this already.

Some i think called it the dirty screen effect, but i'm not so sure that is what I'm experiencing or seeing? (if you sit back and dont move you cant really see this effect)

Thanks in advance


Limp Gawd
Sep 10, 2003
I believe that particular model has a VA panel. VA panels have innate issues with uniformity and color shifting as viewing angle changes, especially within 5 feet or so.

VA panels provide better contrast, and can be superior to IPS displays for movies and video games. But for text work they tend to be inferior.


Nov 3, 2005
naw, it's not the VA panel, it's a weird sort of shimmering on the surface of the panel or AG coating. Sort of like the machine that prints the material isn't perfectly smooth and makes the surface slightly non-uniform. Both of the X800Ds I've had have it. I've sort of just gotten used to it now (or maybe it's diminished over time).