Something is Wrong with my 3dMark2001 score....


Mar 19, 2002
1,113 are my computer stats....

AMD Athlon "Barton" 333FSB 2500+ running stock with a Volcano 11+ Heatsink and Fan

Sapphire ATI Radeon 9800Pro 128 MB with a vantec heatsink and fan

512 CorsairXMS pc3500 memory

Maxtor 120GB 7200 RPM 8mb cache hd

Audigy 2

Now, I have no clue what my score should be, but I know it should be higher then what I got. Nothing in my computer is overclocked yet. I got a 11,585 for my score. Heres the compare URL:
that still sounds low. when did you last defrag your hard drive and did you install the drivers correctly.

upping the fsb on your cpu/ram will help alot
yea, i've never oc'ed, but i just bought good RAM for ocing, and all those heatsinks, and i plan on overclocking now...i bought a better powersupply too. My friend is gonna help me the next time he comes over, im afraid to do it by havn't done a defrag in a long time.
My computer is quite similar to yours, except I run a 9600pro OCed, and I get about those scores. I think yours should be several thousands points higher.
oh boy, im just gonna reformatt C:/ (my windows drive) and reinstall all updated drivers, we'll see how it goes from there...
As well as turning off AA and AF, slide the Direct3D sliders all the way to the left to the lowest settings.
that is pretty weird. with that setup you should be scoring in the 14000's
In the links you posted, none of the components listed even match what you said your rig has. The 3dmark orb says you have a duron 1569mhz and an msi motherboard. Are you lieing about what your system specs really are because you're embarrassed about having a duron? Or is 3dmark just messed up in the system info? If you really do have a duron than those scores are perfectly normal.
nope, its athlon, i assure u, from newegg, and im postive its a barton 333fsb 2500+, stock speed of 1.5...and yes i have an msi board...never lied about that...its a k7n2g-l, nforce 2 chipset
stock speed of a 2500+ barton is 1.83ghz. Somethings wrong here defenitely. You were sold the wrong processor.
Well the multiplier on that processor on the orb page is correct for a 2500+, but is it underclocked? It says the FSB is only 142mhz instead of 166mhz. Would your memory not run at 166mhz, is that why it's at 142?
Update the BIOS on your mainboard, it may have something to do with that, otherwise you got screwed on your processor.
well my motherboard can only run 3200 memory, and its 3500, could that have to do with the 166mhz and getting confused too...ill try updating my bios, im reformatting my c drive tommorrow too
My system info page says this:
Processor x86 Family 6 Model 10 Stepping 0 AuthenticAMD ~1568 Mhz
I have no clue what this all means, but maybe it will help you guys...CPU-Z says:

AMD Athlon XP
Code Name: Barton
Package: Socket A
Technology: 0.13
Voltage: 1.664
Specification: AMD Athlon(tm)
Family: 6
Model: A
Stepping: 0
Ext. Family: 7
Ext. Model: A
Instructions: MMX (+), 3d Now! (+), SSE

Core Speed: 1569.0 MHz
Multiplier: x11.0
FSB: 142.6 MHz
Bus Speed: 285.3 MHz

L1 Data: 64 Kbytes
L1 Code: 64 Kbytes
Level 2: 512 Kbytes
Have you tried increasing your FSB to 166mhz? That would put you at stock 2500+ speeds. If your reformating because of the CPU problems, I'd hold out till you update the bios and start playing around with some of the settings like the FSB.
Yea this is weird for some reason your clock is down, but you are right it is a barton because it does have the 512 L2 cache. For some reason your board just has it underclocked. Also, this easily explains your lower score because 3dmark01 is heavily CPU dependant and you are runnin 300mhz short of stock speed.
I recently built a Athlon 2400+ (not 2500+, but close enough). We had a similiar problem with the mobo displaying it as a 1800+. Read your manual, you may need to flip some dip switches and/or change the settings in the BIOS to get it to the proper speed. What I remember about that was that the BIOS read the chip as being of a default model. I think it displayed it as a T-bird 1800+. Fixing the dip switches got it to read as a Athlon XP 2400+. So that could fix the "DURON" discrepacy aswell.

BTW, mobos tend not to "officially" support PC3500, as most Processors only list PC3200 / 400mhz-DDR and below as supported hardware. Your "PC3500" or 433mhz Ram is running at default (or maybe lower, with your chip being underclocked) speeds, you'll need to overclock to get the memory to it's supported 433mhz.

Or you may just want to try some more aggressive timings if you keep it at the default speed, as it'll have more room to play.
alright, im not good with overclocking and the like. Plus I wouldn't know what to change in the BIOS or dip switches? Could anyone help me out on AIM, possibly walk me through this?
I don't have AIM but it's very, very, very simple to increase the FSB. I don't have your motherboard so I don't know the bios, but most likely the FSB, CPU multiplier, voltage settings, and memory timings are all under the Advanced tab, or something along the lines of an advanced tab. Leave every setting except the FSB alone. All you have to do is increase the FSB to 167mhz, up from 142mhz. Because your memory and cpu speeds are dictated by a ratio of the FSB, any increase to your FSB will also increase them too (which is good for you because your cpu and most likely ram are underclocked too). I would not worry about frying your computer because you would only be bring your equipment up to stock speeds. I don't really know why your motherboard underclocked your cpu but I do have an idea. The last AMD rig I used, when I initially set it up, gave me the option of running my 2100+ at two speeds. One was the default 1.73ghz (I think that's right) and the other was 1.4ghz. I have no idea why this option would ever be given, possibly for undercooled small form factor PC's, who knows.
Messiah101's 2500+ shows up as a Duron after running 3dmark2001 as well. Not sure if he ever got it working. I'll link him to this post though.
Probobly the reasone behind the Duron labeling thing is Futuremark hasn't updated the system info in 3dmark, and it doesn't know that bartons exist. So it simply labels them Durons for reasons beyond me.
yeah, i have the exact same problem iwht my barton, it says duron, but everywhere else it says that it is an athlon xp so its oviously a bad program, i score 5200 3dmarks with my setup so its sure isnt a duron that is doing it

but i have yet to find a fix for it yet :/
I'm running 3DMark01 build 340 and 3DMark03 build 330 or 340 can't remember what the latest one is and it reports my CPU as an XP3200 (I'm running a Barton XP2500); I've noticed 3DMark reports your CPU as whatever it says on the BIOS post screen and under General when you goto properties after right-clicking on My Computer. I think once you adjust the FSB to 166 you'll be fine. PC3200 RAM supports FSB333 without overclocking and PC3500 supports FSB433 without overclocking; I am also running PC3500 on a board which is only designed for PC3200 RAM but it works fine, got my board running at 205/6FSB.

AMD XP2500+ Barton (multi locked)
ASUS A7N8X Deluxe GD2 (1007 Bios)
Corsair XMS PC3500 C2

When I first installed my Athlon the BIOS and Windows reported it as 1.5Ghz or something like that, it's some BIOS compatability setting thing, just enter your BIOS and change then FSB to 166 or Auto and you should be fine. Failing that you should try updating your Bios.
Alright, I changed the FSB to 166mhz, then i updated my bios, but when i was restarting i realized that those options were set to auto, and it had my FSB at 100mhz, so I put it on manual and brought it back up to an FSB of 166mhz. Heres what CPU-Z reads now, I'll run 3dMark2001 in a sec:

AMD Athlon XP
Code Name: Barton
Package: Socket A
Technology: 0.13
Voltage: 1.632
Specification: AMD Athlon(tm) XP 2500+
Family: 6
Model: A
Stepping: 0
Ext. Family: 7
Ext. Model: A
Instructions: MMX (+), 3d Now! (+), SSE

Core Speed: 1830.0 MHz
Multiplier: x11.0
FSB: 166.4 MHz
Bus Speed: 332.7 MHz

L1 Data: 64 Kbytes
L1 Code: 64 Kbytes
Level 2: 512 Kbytes

So it looks like it now shows my cpu as being a Barton 2500+ and my core speed is now stock (1830 Mhz)...I'm going to run 3dMark now...
whoa, this is weird...I just opened 3dmark and was checking my system info, check this info out it gives me about my cpu:

Manufacturer: AMD
Family: Duron(tm)
Internal Clock: 1.77 GHz
Internal Clock Maximum: 2.20 GHz
External Clock: 166 MHz
Socket Designation: Socket A
Type: <unknown>
Upgrade: ZIF Socket
Capabilities: MMX, CMov, RDTSC, 3DNow!, Extended 3DNow!, SSE
Version: AMD Athlon(tm) XP
CPUID: 0x000006a0

It says it's family is a Duron...yet its version is an Athlon XP? What the hell...Type: Unknown....wouldnt that be where barton should be? It says its running at 1.77 GHz even though other sources on my computer say its at 1.83 like it supposed to be...what the hell is going on?
Ok, my new score is 13,287. But, I can't post the compare URL for you guys to see because it says:

This project can not be published due to detected CPU speed variation.

It still picks it up as a duron running at 1.77 is the results, since I can't post a link:

System Configuration
Operating System Microsoft Windows XP

DirectX Version 9.0


Mobo Model MS-6570

AGP Rates (Current/Available) 8x / 4x 8x

CPU AMD Duron(tm) Processor 1774 MHz

FSB 166 MHz

Memory 512 MB

Graphics Chipset ATI RADEON 9800 PRO

Driver Name RADEON 9800 PRO

Driver Version

Video Memory 128 MB

Program Version 3DMark2001 SE

Resolution 1024x768 32bit

Texture Format Compressed

FSAA Disabled

Z-Buffer Depth 24bit

Frame Buffer Double

Rendering Pipeline D3D Pure Hardware T&L

Detailed Test Results
3DMark Score 13287 3D marks

Game 1 Car Chase - Low Detail 186.4 FPS

Game 1 Car Chase - High Detail 60.4 FPS

Game 2 Dragothic - Low Detail 250.2 FPS

Game 2 Dragothic - High Detail 139.5 FPS

Game 3 Lobby - Low Detail 165.6 FPS

Game 3 Lobby - High Detail 71.6 FPS

Game 4 Nature 91.8 FPS

Fill Rate (Single-Texturing) 1842.1 MTexels/s

Fill Rate (Multi-Texturing) 2899.1 MTexels/s

High Polygon Count (1 light) 65.7 MTriangels/s

High Polygon Count (8 lights) 18.4 MTriangels/s

Environment Bump Mapping 221.2 FPS

DOT3 Bump Mapping 175.7 FPS

Vertex Shader 187.6 FPS

Pixel Shader 234.3 FPS

Advanced Pixel Shader 162.3 FPS

Point Sprite 21.2 MSprites/s
I have the same mobo as u and yes 3dmark 01 detects the wrong sys info on certain fsb values, it has happened to me before. try bumpin ur fsb up and see if it detects rite then.
3dmark01 detects loads of stuff wrong from fsb settings (particularly over 200) and which amd chip is being used from an xp upwards ie barton, athlon 64, athlon fx.

up your fsb more and start to overclock that puppy.

your scores do seem low but you will find a lot more performance by overclocking + are you running your cpu fsb and ram sycronously.
im a n00b to overclocking and messing with all this in general, so i dont kno about any of that...anyone want to help me on
3D Mark shows Bartons as Durons if they aren't at stock speed.

This is unlikely, but what type of cooling do you have? You could have CPU thermal throttling enabled. This lowers your clock speed if your CPU gets too hot. I don't know if your motherboard has this feature.
yea, i bought all new stuff, case, psu, ram, cathodes, heatsinks, and fans...thanks for reminding me! :D
you can overclock the same way you upped the fsb to 166, just up it some more. general mothed is to up it 5 at a time and then check for stability. if its stable increase the fsb by another 5