Soltek 3801 arctic silencer / blowhole mod

Aug 12, 2005

First post here! Would like to share some pictures of my Soltek 3801. I'd never done any modding before so I think it came out OK.





I'm running a AMD64 754 3700+ with an arctic cooling silencer idles at 29, load at 40. A Connect3D X800 pro vivo @ 500/500 with 16 pipes, idles at 30, loads at 45ish. System temps are 25, hard-drive 12.

Before I made the mods, the cpu would idle at 40ish, about 55 under load and the x800 would idle at 50 and at load was in the 80's. In that respect the mods have been well worth it.
I love it. I woulda made it a closer tolerance, but then, I assume it was very hard to get accurate measurements.
To be honest, if I'd gone any closer to the cooler it would have been nigh on impossible to remove the case. As it is, with the 120mm blowhole being attached to the inside of the case it's an extremely tight fight so I need all the room I can just so I can get inside!
zoidberg3001 said:
Looks Sweeet man. what did u use on the edge of the cut out there?

Chrome door edge molding, available at any autoparts store for about $5.00.