HD digital or physical?

Payment sent for 10 x HD gift cards and all arrived promptly after payment with no issues with the gift cards.
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Awww man was debating picking up more HD GC's but looks like your out of them now.
yhpm Target
Payment sent and gift cards promptly delivered. Yet another smooth transaction with Zef!
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Newb question, but can I use the Apple gift cards to buy Apple hardware on the Apple store?
LMK when you get more Apple gift cards. Need to make a large Apple store purchase heh.
I just cashed out some crypto but later this week maybe I can buy these if they're still available. Just gotta find something I want on bestbuy first.
Bump for a good seller! Note, Zef, in OP are you accepting USDT ERC-20 or TRC-20? I never heard of TRC-20 but I think it might be a thing. Edit: I guess it is on TRON? YLSNED