**SOLD**WTS: EVGA 2070 super XC that has a place in the evga stepup

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May 23, 2012
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price? $600 Paypal'd + fees, Cash, vanmo, cashapp what ever we negotiate.
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What I'm selling:
a EVGA 2070s XC w/ 976 days of warranty that has been registered since 9/29/20 for a RTX 3080 FTW3 Ultra.
How it works?
You buy my card I ship the 2070s to you and its yours but you also get access to my evga account to check on progress and my cell #. I accidentally came across a 3080 in the wild and bought it so now i dont need my 2070s but dont want to let the step up go to waste. When the time comes and the cards # gets called I'll get a email and the evga account will get updated. it looks like the card is about 1-2 months out from being called. If you decide you want to step up to the 3080 ftw3 ultra you then have to pay evga a difference of ~$320 and mail them in your card and they will send you your shiny new 3080. I am 100% willing to assist throughout the entire process. Or you ignore the step up calling and just keep the 2070s. Entirely up to you.


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Good luck bump for a great card. I will be in the same boat if I can find a friggin card.
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