SOLD - Six (6) Older Android devices - package deal - $175 shipped OBO


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Mar 10, 2000
FS/FT - Six (6) Older Android devices - package deal - $175 shipped OBO

All items traded/sold as is, non DOA only.
Cont US only for shipping, and local pick (Detroit burbs) up gets discount
Payment via USPS Postal Money order, paypal, or other, at my discretion.
Price includes shipping.


FS/FT - Six (6) Older Android devices - package deal - $175 shipped OBO
For those of you that have kids and family members who break stuff, here is your chance to get some cheap devices….these are all from family members including kids who upgraded over the holidays.

ALL SIX (6) devices for $175 shipped OBO SOLD

Acer Convertible ChromeBook R13 with USB-C AC Charger
Sold as-is: Acer R13, 13.3 1080P touchscreen, 32 GB, Ram= 4 GB
Should be this one:
Work fine, good battery life, no issues.

2, 3, and 4)S
Three (3) Samsung Galaxy S8 Phones…they all come with almost new kickstand cases and mis-installed screen protectors, hence the bubbles in the pics.
Sold as-is - Report unlocked, worked fine on Verizon, OLED screens so minor signs of burn in here and there. All seem to work fine.
No charging cable, but can be charged with any USB-C cord including the one with the chrome book or wireless charging.

Sold as-is -
Google Nexus 9 Tablet
Minor screen smudges but seems to work fine - comes with USB cord and flip cover

Sold as-is -
Amazon fire hd 8 7th generation
Blue protective foam case case that stands.
Seems to work fine, no issues

I should have 1 or more Micro USB cords to toss in to charge the Nexus and Fire tablets.

Will take a large iPhone in trade, can be older, and can add some money as well.


All items traded/sold AS IS, except for a non DOA warranty.
Three (3) Samsung Galaxy S8 Phones - Sold to

Acer Convertible ChromeBook R13 & Google Nexus 9 Tablet - Sold to igor_kavinski @ AT​

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