(SOLD): iPhone XR 64GB Black (Space Grey) Phone T-Mobile (Locked)


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Mar 4, 2004
(SOLD) $210 shipped (Crypto or Zelle only) - iPhone XR 64GB Black (Space Grey) Phone T-Mobile (Locked). IMEI 357340098282063.


For sale is a used, iPhone XR 64GB Black cellphone that is locked to T-Mobile. Screen is perfect, condition is good with minor cosmetic damage. I believe both the screen and battery were replaced.

Has aftermarket battery installed that will give a warning in settings. Warning goes away after 60(?) days of setting up phone.

I originally purchased this on eBay and it was sold as unlocked, but it is locked to T-Mobile. Has worked fine for the 4-5 months I have had it, where it was barely used.

Comes boxed with a clear $1 TPU case, 12W Apple charger and an it's-seen-better-days-lightning cable.

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