Software to transfer iphone to android and android to iphone?


[H]F Junkie
Feb 22, 2001
Is there any good software to transfer from an iphone to an android and an android to an iphone?

Paid or free?
Well, had an iphone a loooong time ago with 3gs lol. I just started anew then and manually redid what I needed.
A quick search I saw this (you may have too).
Are you transferring music or contacts or what?
reverse quick look found guide here.

I didn't read any of it but heck... it's gonna be a chore I bet.

I recently switched from windows 10 mobile to android and all my contacts strangely disappeared in groups starting after a couple of days of use, even though I had all my contacts stored on google contacts.
You can also have your provider do it for free. They gots the good stuff.

SynciOS works great as well though.
Not sure what you are transferring...

If you mean transferring the entire phone (like when you set-up a new phone) back and forth between the two then I just use the built in transfer tools. Has worked flawlessly with iPhone, Google, and Samsung phones for me.