So will BattleFront2 be much better than BF1, and close to BattleField ?


Jan 19, 2002
Well the new StarWars game for the PC, BattleFront2 will be out next week. I thought the first one was supposed to be like BattleField1942 in gameplay, but is seemed like a dumbed down version of BF, and never got to popular ?

Well now BF2 is supposed to add the classic space battles to the game. But is this going to be in first person action, and will the game play more like BattleField2 = more realistic ?

Here is the link to download trailer;
i played the beta, it was fucking horrible, even worse then the first one, dont waste your time.
i played the demo on ps2 and it wasnt too exciting...the foot soldier part that is
dunno about the vehicles