So what do you think of Intel's Compute Card?


Extremely [H]
Oct 22, 2000
It's basically a flat compute stick.

When Intel introduced it, they said it will work with processors up to 6W, which includes not just Atoms, but also some decent performance Y-class processors (3.3GHz, 2c/4t).

It seems to be made with docking in mind, which addresses the biggest problem with compute sticks (limited type and number of ports). If monitors or some other kind of device have a slot for it, it becomes a very portable PC when you can dock it pretty much anywhere. IMO this is a better option than trying to use a phone as a PC. Phones are great at phone and "smart" stuff like apps, PCs are good at PC stuff.
I'll bite. It's an interesting concept. I think this is just the next glorified version of the pc stick. It might be good because having that slot on devices might open up the opportunity to give consumers the choice whether they want their devices to be smart or not. If I understand correctly smart devices will have a socket, and when the smart features become bogged down or obsolete you can replace it with a newer module. I can see this as an attractive feature with some devices. Someone buys a smart fridge or tv and they plan to keep it for the long run they might opt to replace the module. But I don't know how cost effective this model can be, specially when people are so connected with so many devices that can do similar things. I remember the pc sticks being around $150 for an atom processor, $340 for one with an M3 processor wonder how much one with a more potent processor would cost.