So we had 400/3 year old assorted ipads donated to our school...

The Cobra

Jun 19, 2003
As the title reads, we had a bunch of assorted ipads donated to our school. The iPads are in great shape and I am looking forward to deploying them. The company that donated them wiped them and installed IOS14.1 for me to get started.

Back in the past, I had a macmini (with osx server) deployed and had a local account that the iPads would use to authorize and download their apps and all would be good. That was a number of years ago. My current school is a chromebook/windows school with around 10 ipads that Are used for general purpose stuff

Fast forward to today. I'm a little behind as to where iPads and mac server are. I've read up a bit that apple really depreciated their osx server app and basically neutered it and stripped oit a lot if core functions.

I'm kinda lost. We have a specific set of apps that we will purchase for the school and allow the kids to use these ipads, but it's going to be a mother fucker to manage them all.

Would someone be kind enough to point me into a direction that will allow me to easily manage all these ipads like I used to be able to do but now cant be done locally if I'm reading correctly? I'm not the mac guru I see to be.

Thank you.


Oct 7, 2003
I don’t know much about this topic; I’m guessing the iPad deployment guide didn’t answer your questions?

Otherwise the search term “iPad deployment software” is where I’d start, but I’m sure you’re beyond that. Wish I had more to suggest!