So many 970 models, which one to get?


Oct 13, 2004
I was thinking about getting a 970 because my 660Ti is getting a bit old and I see there are a ton of different models out there. I was looking at EVGA and this at microcenter (349.99 after rebate), but then while comparing prices at I see they have 9 different 970 models and kinda overwhelmed trying to see what the differences are.

Also thinking of the 3-fan gigabyte one but I guess EVGA is the way to go?
That thread is basically 'EVGA is good', I was more wondering about all the different models within the EVGA 907GTX line. When you have that many, you really should put out some sort of reference card that shows the differences between them.

If I understand it right, SC and SSC means there's some factory overclocking and ACX means their custom cooling solution, with ACX 2.0 being the most recent and the one you want.

FTW/FTW+ also means some OCing I guess?

Eh, looks like I'll pick up the EVGA GeForce GTX 970 SSC PCI-e Video Card w/ ACX 2.0 Cooling (model 04G-P4-3975-KR)
You want one with ACX 2.0+ - which, right now, is only the SSC and FTW+ version (in 970) and the Kingpin (in 980).
Top rated cards are the Gigabyte G1 ($320) or MSI Gaming ($320) (MSI Gaming 100me is the same but has a backplate for $5 more).

EVGA ssc acs 2.0+ is pretty good too. Newegg has it on sale right now for $320 (it was $5 cheaper last week) and includes a free backplate and The Witcher 3.