So is this the new way to buy games now?

Discussion in 'PC Gaming & Hardware' started by SnowBeast, Jun 22, 2014.

  1. Sixthsense

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    Apr 15, 2001
    Well the PC version of Far Cry 3 multiplayer hass been broken on and off since release. I honestly do not know what to tell you. I guess that counts for a game running on a platform or device?
  2. Sodapopjones

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    Aug 22, 2012
    There's always, and I mean always a 25% coupon on preorders, and given the fact that multiplayer games on PC usually die within a month, its not really good idea to hold off.
  3. Ocellaris

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    Jan 1, 2008
    Maybe if you are buying digital, sure. I normally buy everything (for consoles) on disc media. Then I have the option of not even opening it until I check out feedback. I just did this with Watch Dogs for the PS4...

    I think there are very few slam dunk "I absolutely need to pre-order this" games left on the market.
  4. Majinhoju

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    Apr 12, 2008
    I'm almost never buy on day 1. I've made a few exceptions in the last year or two (gta5, dark souls 2 and mario kart 8). But I usually wait for games to drop to at least 50% or more before i bite.

    My backlog is so large that I could stop buying games and still be content for a loooooong time, lol.
  5. Dallows

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    Jun 18, 2004
    It depends on the game for me. Some I have no problem waiting for, but I have money and if I want to play a game at or near launch I will buy it. If I can get a deal then great, if not $60 here and there isn't going to ruin me.

    However, this fall and early next year might be a different tale. Should start putting money aside for all those I want to pick up.
  6. WorldExclusive

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    Apr 26, 2009
    Dead MP in less than a month means the game was trash. Great MP games on PC last years.
    Waiting 2-3 months to buy would save people a lot of frustration.
  7. Aix.

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    Sep 30, 2010
    Last EA product I purchased was BF3, because I thought that they would have supported it well since it was the Origin flagship title (similar to how Valve pushed TF2 for years with free updates and eventually a F2P model). Once that didn't happen and it became clear that EA was only interested in pumping out DLC and "premium" bullshit (big announcements for the next DLC while the base game went unpatched for months) I dropped the company altogether and haven't looked back.

    Now I just shake my head whenever I see these rants about EA games. I remember the bitching about server client issues in BF3 and it turned out they only had 1-2 people even developing the thing only 5 months after release - and it wasn't even a primary role for those devs! BF4 netcode sucks? Why am I not surprised?

    Their business model is all about getting people to move on to the next product, and that means DEADLINES. Can't meet 'em? Oh well push it out anyway. Y'know, I'd gladly pay $100-$120 for a FPS that had great dev support, allowed modding, included mod/admin tools, etc., but I'm sure as fuck not going to pay that for each half-baked EA game that comes down the pipe (that has none of those features).

    And it takes sale prices for people to start feeling cheated? Seriously?
  8. SnowBeast

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    Aug 3, 2003
    And that's the advice I am taking and going by next time. As much as I want the new SW: Battlefront, no way a day one purchase. Dice should have never signed with EA and allow them to dictate to them when a game is released. I bought BF4 because of the amount of fun and great "flow" the game had. My mistake. Not again.
  9. brennok

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    Nov 30, 2006
    Things like this are why I no longer call myself a gamer. I won't put up with it so I don't spend my money on games anymore. I spend more times reading and listening about games then I do actually playing them. I just don't to support the industry anymore.
  10. Koolthulu

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    Mar 24, 2011
    Yeah, I haven't bought a game this year. Just been playing my Steam/PS3 backlog. There are just so many sleazy money grabs in the gaming industry right now that I can't support it anymore.
  11. NastyNative

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    Jan 28, 2009
    I agree with the OP.

    I no longer buy into the hype and I started to buy games after release or after they go on sale.
    As my friends buy games on release I get to hear over TS how unfinished the game is and how pissed they are the MP options dont even work yet. Most recently WatchDogs was a game I will be skipping out on. MP didnt even work on the 1st day.

    I wanted to buy planetary annihilation but didnt want to pay 90 bucks for a beta.
    Got it on the steam sale for 17 bucks and its one of the best purchases I have made this year.

    Screw all these kickstartes and betas.. if you want me to buy your game finish it and get good reviews.
    Its time we go back to the BF2 days when Dice would take 3 1/2 - 4 years to make a finished product.
    Battlefield Bad Company 2 was the last time I saw Dice put effort into its game.