So is 3080/3090 stock not being shipped until problem is resolved?


Limp Gawd
Nov 29, 2011
I have been actively keeping an eye on my regular shopping sites as well as NowInStock, and I haven't seen any stock updates for either the 3080 nor the 3090 since the 25th. Even then, most of it was the 3090 which was released just the day prior and the 3080 only showed it for one particular model.

Could it be possible with this whole stability issue that has cropped up on certain cards, that all available stock is temporarily being withheld until they, either the AIBs or Nvidia, can figure out a solution to the issue?

Are we just dealing with really low stock on everything?

Or did the added security checks that some sites are enforcing making it difficult for sites like NowInStock to get an accurate read on what is available?


Supreme [H]ardness
Feb 11, 2008
There is no way in holy hell nVidia or AIBs are going to stop the gravy train, especially in the 4-5 week window they have the fishing ground all to themselves.


Aug 30, 2018
Inventory is moving so fast because of bots they aren't even in stock long enough to register on the site.

There's a lot of talk about it here:
True this morning alone there were some on Amazon, Office Depot, Sam's club and even Gamestop. Yes, game stop, this one lasted longer because it was new and off the wall like the Sam's club but the bots know about it now are going to be on it going forward.

Truthfully save yourself some headache and forget about this launch until at least December. You have really low odds against the bots. The sites are implementing obstacles but by the next drop the bots have adjusted.