So I Have an Ubuntu Server at Home


Apr 24, 2002
I have a pretty spiffy home network with a big file server, Windows domain controller, media server, etc etc. A few months ago I got a hold of an old compaq proliant 1U server and figured I would install linux on it so add to the variety of my network and to learn a little more about Linux.

So now I am trying to figure out some uses for it. Currently it is running as an internal SMTP relay (I have some email alerting software for various things and comcast recently started blocking this on their servers, so this solution works nicely.). I am also running Cacti on it as well as a bind9 cache only name server for internet DNS for the network. These three tasks are hardly putting the box to work so I am trying to figure out some other uses. I don't really need a webserver, I have IIS going on my windows server for that and don't have a ton of use for it. I also do not need a router/nat solution as I have pfsense on an old box and it works great for me.

Any suggestions?
Jan 25, 2007
If you put it on a monitor port or inline with your outside connection - it's really fun sniffing all your web traffic. Fun tools - dsniff (suite of cool stuff - webspy is just funny), iftop, ntop, bwm-ng, iptraf...there are others that I'm forgetting now.